Websites that uses fake cheques and money accounts!

Another technique many websites use, is showing you pictures of cheques and money accounts. Of all the technique they use, this is the only technique that we have no way of determining whether or not the pictures of the cheques and accounts are real. Only a real graphic profesional, with a state of the art computer will be able to tell.

Well, luckily I did study quite a bit about graphics back in college. While I cannot help you determine which pictures are real, I can teach you how to spot the work of an amateur.

The first method is to examine the colour and the area around the amount figure. If they change the amount, than the colour or shade surrounding the amount changed will be slightly different from the rest. You will have to look very carefully, sometimes even zooming in to see if there is any difference. This method is much more effective for cheques and money accounts that has different coloured background. If the background is white, you will need to use the second method.

The second method also involves looking around the amount figure. This time, you are looking for lightly distorted squares that appear in the picture. These are called pixels, and they become visible to the human eye when you enlarge a picture past its original size. This should be fairly easier to spot compared with the first method.

What you are looking for are squares that only appear at the amount's area, or any other area that might have been changed. If those squares appear consistently around the entire picture, that means that the entire picture has been enlarged. This will mean that you will have to rely on the first method.

With these techniques, you should be able to spot any fake cheques and money accounts that were created by amateurs. My advice for you is to not let the amount of money that person makes, determine your decision to buy. In the next page, I will explain about the third technique.


Other techniques to be wary of

Now that we've learned about the main methods they use in their money making scams, it is time to learn the others. Alone, these methods might not be worrying, but when used together, the results from the number of victims are worrying to say the least
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