Websites that claim to have the best ways to make money.

In the previous page, I explained how those websites use testimonials to make people believe that those websites really have the best ways to make money.

If you see testimonials that are one to three sentences long, or that they look fishy, I would go ahead and say that they are fakes. Let's just say for example, I helped you made a lot of money, so I asked you to write a testimonial for me. Would you actually write a short one paragraph testimonial? I doubt it. You would probably write about how effective it was, how it has helped you and how your life has changed.

And I am quite certain that you would double check it to make sure that there are no grammatical errors, since many people are going to view it. And even if it had a few grammatical errors in it, don't you think that I would correct them since my reputation is on the line? So for me, any testimonials that have these characteristics, are just fake testimonials that the owner of the website had created. These websites will definitely not show you the best ways to make money!

But there is one method to determine right away whether or not the testimonial is real. If that testimonial has a link to the website of the person who wrote the testimonial, I would say that it is real. Why?

Think about it for a moment, if those people really are successful as they claim to be, than they must own a website. If these people don't have a website, how can they earn any money from those methods? Remember, affiliates, Google adwords, and many others, all require a website!

This is one sure fire way to determine whether or not the testimonial is real or not. But if you search the Internet, I can guarantee you, it will take some time before you actually find any websites with these types of testimonials. In my many years searching the Internet, the number of websites that had these types of testimonials, can be counted in one hand. It is that few!

As for the testimonials with pictures and videos, I would advice you to also be careful about them. I won't say that they are all fakes, but I definitely know quite a few of them that are fakes! For these websites, the testimonials should not be a factor in your decision to buy the product. Why? Because it is not the testimonial that is going to earn you money. It is the product and the methods that it shows you, which determines whether or not it is the best ways to make money.

I think this is the best advice I can give you regarding testimonials. In the nest page, I will show and explain to you another technique they use, pictures of cheques and money account.


Other techniques to be wary of

Now that we've learned about the main methods they use in their money making scams, it is time to learn the others. Alone, these methods might not be worrying, but when used together, the results from the number of victims are worrying to say the least
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