Websites that make you think you will earn quick cash!

I'm sure that you were surprised when I told you that they could still make you excited and think that you will earn quick cash even after you bought a "not value for money" product. This is the same reason why I told you to still be careful, even if the author has a few good appraisals.

I bought one product before, and after finishing the DVD and the book, I got very excited. But after watching and reading it over and over, I finally noticed that it was a "not value for money" product. So how did they do it?

When you buy their product and read their book or watch their DVD's or VCD's, that is when the technique comes into play. When you read or watch their product, they will show you some of the basic techniques and how they applied it, along with plenty of examples from very successful people. That's it! Well I guess you are a little confused. I will explain how it works.

The main strategy here is to get you excited, by showing you plenty of examples from people who made a lot of money with these techniques. When people see others using one method to earn quick cash, they believe that if they also used the same method, they will also earn quick cash. They get excited about the prospect, that they lose sight of the fact that the product is a "not value for money" product.

Let's say for example, I showed you an example of how person A was able to make one million with method A. You would get excited and think that if you also applied method A, you too could make a lot of money. You keep thinking about the prospect of you making that much money, that you did not really focus on method A, and how it will work in different circumstances.

The key here is that people, easily get excited, and they can easily give good reviews since they actually believe that it will work for them. But the problem is that they only show you the basic information. It is the same information that you would get for free when you sign up with a good affiliate program.

And trust me, those successful people used mush more techniques than the basic techniques to be as successful as they are now. You are not going to earn quick cash by just applying the simple techniques. I would like to share this experience with you because this technique has claimed too many victims, who to this day, still do not know that they had been tricked pyschologically.

There is no way to determine if the product you want to buy, uses this technique. My only advice is to be very careful when you plan to buy any of those money making products. In the next page, I will explain to you, the right attitude to have when searching for those money making products!


Other techniques to be wary of

Now that we've learned about the main methods they use in their money making scams, it is time to learn the others. Alone, these methods might not be worrying, but when used together, the results from the number of victims are worrying to say the least
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