Websites that claim to have the best income opportunities!

4.) Other techniques to be wary of!

All these websites will use different techniques to make you believe that they have the best income opportunities. Besides the two techniques that I mentioned earlier, there are four more techniques that they use to mislead you.

One of them is by using fake testimonials. All these websites will have a section featuring testimonials from people who bought their products and are successful because of it. Some of them will include a picture of the person, but most will just use a name and location. These testimonials are used to persuade. And with testimonials from around the entire globe, they will lead you to believe that you will be able to succeed, no matter where you are from, because they will look like they really do have the best income opportunities.

Even if you ask me the percentages of testimonials that are fake, I couldn't give you as answer. Why? Because many of them are really well made that you might find it hard to believe that they are fakes. Some might even include a video of the person giving his testimonial.

But you will be able to distinguish most of the sloppy work at first glance. There are a few testimonials claiming to have the best income opportunities that I still remembered, even until now. They had a few testimonials from people from Asia, namely Singapore, China, Hong Kong and India. In their testimonials, they used slangs and language style that people in those countries used, but are grammatically incorrect.

But since I know plenty of people from these countries, I was able to detect that those testimonials are fake. How? Asians only use their slang when they speak. They never use it in their writing, especially for anything that is formal, like a testimonial. When I showed those fake testimonials to my friends from these countries, they knew right away that it was fake.

But the problem is that many people still fall for this trick because they lack the understanding of different cultures. Many people really believed that they had found the best income opportunities. In the next page, I will explain how to determine which testimonials are real, and also spot some of the other fakes.


Other techniques to be wary of

Now that we've learned about the main methods they use in their money making scams, it is time to learn the others. Alone, these methods might not be worrying, but when used together, the results from the number of victims are worrying to say the least
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