How to Start a Blog

Here I will provide you with all the information needed on how to start a blog. If you ever asked the question how do I start blogging, I will now answer it for you. Blogs and Blogging are so popular nowadays, that we have all at least come upon them at least a few times. And the number of blogs are increasing so rapidly, that in the near future, I am sure that all of us will at least know someone who blogs.

While we may all have heard of blogs and blogging, not many of us really know that it means. What is the difference between a blog and a normal website? Unless you are a blogger yourself, the chances are, you won't know the real difference. If you do know the meaning and the difference, you can skip to the part below. If you would like learn about what it is and the difference, please read this article here.

So why is blogging so popular? Why is almost everyone creating a blog? When blogging first appeared, it was actually intended as a hobby. But since it was so popular, numerous opportunities were created to reward successful bloggers. And now, blogging is a rewarding job. Many people are able to quit their day job and just concentrate on blogging. While it is hard to say how much you are able to earn from blogging, I can safely say that there are many bloggers out there that earn over $1500 every month.

I will explain some of the ways that you can make money from blogging in the later part. What I would like to concentrate on for now, is how to start a blog for yourself.

How do I start blogging? Here is how. There are actually two ways on how to start a blog. The first method is to download a software to help create and manage your own blog, and then you upload it on a server of your own choice. The second method is to create and manage your blog online through a certain blogging website, which will also host the blog for you on their own server.

Let us look at the first method first for creating a blog. Here you will need to download and install a software that will assist you in creating and managing a blog. Most of the times, the software itself is free for download. The biggest advantage of using such softwares is that they are packed with functions. The software will give you more freedom and options on how to create your blog as well as how it looks.

The only hassle with this method is that to make your blog go online, you will need to host it on a server yourself. And unless you own your own server, you will need to pay a fee to have your blog hosted on a server. Many of the companies that created those blogging softwares, also has the option to help host the blog for you for a small fee.

Not let's look at the second method on how to start a blog. This method is probably the easiest one out there. You do not need to download anything. All you need to do is register with one of websites, and build and manage your blog online. Once you register with them, they will provide you with a set of simple tools that will help in maintaining and creating a blog.

The tools that are used are very simple and easy, that this method is highly recommended for most beginners unless you are computer savvy. The best part of this method is that those websites will host your blog for you for free. You do not need to pay anything. The only drawback from this method is that the tools provided are very simple, and you will only be able to create a very simple blog from it. However, you are able to purchase new sets of tools that will help create a more complex blog with lots of other functions.

There are many such blogging websites that will give you these two services. For your ease, I have made a small compilation of some of the best websites for each method. You can view that list along and choose the one that best fits you in the Blogging Main Menu.

These are the two methods on creating a blog. You should now understand how to start a blog. If you are new and would like to experiment a bit first, I recommend that you try the second method as it is much easier and best of all, it is absolutely free.

Now that you know how to start a blog, you should also learn about some of the technical terms and function used in blogging. While it might be confusing at first, please do take your time to understand them as they are important in creating a successful blog. To learn about these technical terms, please read this article here.

Now that I've answered your question of "How do I start blogging", I will like to answer the next. Which is of course, "How do I make money from blogging?"

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