Technical information on Blogging

Before creating a blog, there are a few important technical information on blogging that you should better be aware of, such as the blog ping, feeds, and managing the comments spam. This will be divided into two sections, technical information for managing a blog, and a section for managing your blog's comments.

There are many technical terms here that are valuable information on blogging, so it can get a little confusing for you if you are not a blogger. However, do not worry about it. Just read the information here at a comfortable pace, and as you slowly start your blog, you will begin to understand all the information here. Let's start with the managing a blog.

Technical terms for Managing your Blog


Since you will be posting new information on your blogs at a very frequent rate, you will need ways to organize them. And the way to do that is to place them in archives. One archive can contain a number of articles or even a few more archives. This is a common information on blogging that is used by all bloggers.

I am sure that you've seen many folders on blogs that are arranged according to dates and months. Those are archives. Archives are an important aspect of blogs as you need to make sure that the information is well organized so that you can edit it any time you want, and so that visitors can find what they are looking for easier.


Feeds are now being used widely for both blogs and websites. A feed is a program that allows anyone who subscribed to it, to be automatically informed when new information has been added to you blog. This is a very powerful tool and information on blogging that will make sure you visitors will not forget you, and is a very powerful tool to get your visitors to visit your blog again.

Placing feeds on your blogs is a simple method as most blogging providers will have it as a simple install option.


When you visit other blogs, I am sure that you noticed a small section at the side which shows a list of other blogs. It can be blogs of their friends, blogs that have a similar topic or blogs that just interest the owner. That space there where the list and links are displayed is called the Blogroll.

A blogroll is an important part of building your reputation in the blogging world. Most bloggers exchange links. For example, person A will put person B's blog link into his blogroll, only if person B does the same. Having quality links in your blogroll will help build your Google PageRank, bring in more visitors to your blog, as well as give your own visitors some other information to keep them entertained.

Permalinks and Pretty Permalinks

Permalinks are the address for each of your blog's or website's page. Permalinks comes form the combination of permanent and links. It refers to links that are permanent and cannot be edited. Once you've created a page on your blog, the address for that page can not be edited anymore.

Pretty Permalinks refers to addresses that are easier to understand and has meaning to it. You can see the difference between the two in the example below.

Normal Permalink:

Pretty Permalink:

What Pretty Permalink does is give your visitors the information in the address itself as to what they are viewing. It also makes it much easier for them to navigate around as well as for you to manage your content. A good information on blogging to remember in order to create a user friendly experience for your visitors.

Technical terms for Managing your Comments

Blog Trackbacks

Trackbacks is a very important aspect and is something that is used very frequently by bloggers. Trackback is a method of communication between two blogs, where the person who sent it will be able to leave a comment and a link to their own blog, in the blog where the trackback was sent. The blogger who received that trackback will have to approve that trackback before the link will be displayed.

The comment and link sent by that blogger will be displayed in the comments section. The comment is usually very short and act as a teaser to entice visitors from that blog to go and read the rest of the comments in his own blog. It is used very widely by bloggers as they try to share their audiences and increase the amount of information in their own blog.

Blog Pingbacks

The Pingbacks is very similar to the Trackbacks except that Pingbacks resolves a spam problem with Trackbacks. There are many spammers that keep sending trackbacks to multiple blogs just to get more links. The problem is that the person who received the trackback will only be able to check the website that sent the trackback after they approved it. Since there are usually a large amount of trackback spam in the comment area, those bloggers will need a lot of time to remove them.

Pingback is very similar to trackbacks except that when you receive a pingback, it will send you automatically to the blog that sent it to you. That way you can check to see if that blog is not a spammer. Another difference is that trackbacks will allow the person to add a small piece of comment together with the link to entice visitors to click on the link. Pingbacks do not allow any comments to be placed. It will only contain a link in the comment section. A good piece of information on blogging to remember, to avoid all the link spams around.


Spam can refer to both useless links and comments. For example, a link that has nothing to do with the topic or a comment that contains some explicit language. These are regarded as things that can tarnish the image of your blog.

The good news is that most blog providers give you a software that will help manage all the comment easily. That means that you can easily edit or remove any comment that you want. It is important to monitor and maintain all the comments in your blog so that they do not tarnish your blog's reputation. Another important information on blogging that you should remember.

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