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Here I would like to explain blogging to you. Many people have wondered what the real meaning of blogging is. There are two things that you need to understand, a blog and blogging. And not only will I define blogging for you, I will also show you what is the difference between a blog and a website, so that you can see the differences.

Actually, the real term for a blog is "weblog". A weblog is a term that is used to explain a website where the information is constantly updated. Most blogs are very often updated with new information. Many of them are even updated on a daily basis. If we break weblog apart, we get web and log, which will help explain blogging. It is a web application that is regularly updated just like a log.

The meaning of blogging refers to a person who actually creates or manages one of those blogs. As you can see, it is much easier to define blogging than blog, but they are both actually quite simple to understand. To help explain blogging better and differentiate it from a normal website, I will actually compare them for you.

When the Blog was first introduced, it was intended as a personal diary or journal that can only be viewed by certain people that you allow. Those blogs will require a password to access the information. Of course the password is created by you and so, you have full control over who views it. Also, in the past, blogs were meant as a personal hobby, not as a means to earn money.

From just that, it would be easy to see what is the difference between a blog and a website. The problem is, the blogs were so successful, that people were coming up with new applications to make it as feature packed as possible. In fact, the blog is now so rich with features, that it is almost similar to a normal website.

But there are still two main differences between a blog and a normal website that will remain no matter how much features are added. The first is that the homepage for a blog keeps changing, whereas a normal website's homepage will remain unchanged for a long period of time. For a blog, as long as the blogger updates his blog, the homepage will change. It is considered not normal for a website to have its homepage changed often.

The second difference is between the interactivity. Certain website will only have a few pages that will enable viewers to leave comments and opinions. Most websites will not even have one, as they usually create a forum for the viewers to leave their comments. A blog however, will allow the viewers to comment on almost every single page.

These two difference between a blog and a website actually shows you what they are used for and can actually help explain blogging better. A blog is used more when you want to allow your viewers to communicate with each other, or with you in a more casual manner. A website is used when you want to give your viewers that professional feeling.

From this article, I am sure that you now understand the meaning of blogging. Most other websites that define blogging or try to explain blogging, still makes it sound like a normal website. This is the main reason why I included a comparison. It can also help you decide which is more appropriate for you if you are planning to start something online.

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