Websites that make you feel you will make money easily.

Continuing from the previous page, I explained about the websites that appear to offer you free gifts to make you feel that you will make money easily. Now I will explain about the two situations that I have come across when buying those products with free gifts.

The first situation was that after I received the free gifts, I found them to be "not value for money". Sometimes, they are written by the owner of the website itself! Sometimes they are written by other people, but are almost identical to the product that you initially paid for. Some of them appeared to have been written sloppily and in a hurry that there were plenty of grammatical mistakes.

But the most annoying part is after you've finish reading the book. Because that is when you will realize straight away that they are all "not value for money" products! Many will claim that those books are written by very famous authors. If this is the case, type the books title and the author's name into either Google or Yahoo. If it really is as famous as they claim it to be, it will appear on many other websites. If it doesn't, than you know that it is not a famous book, nor is it written by a famous person.

Now for the second situation, and the most infuriating! After buying the product and thinking that you will be able to make money easily, you get a new page on the website. It will tell you that for you to receive your free gift, you will have to send them the receipt from your purchase. Guess what? You can look for hours, but you are not going to find an e-mail address to send to at all. You've been ripped off right in front of your eyes!

The second situation usually occurs when the websites are selling other people's products. In other words, they are affiliates. While I won't go and say that all affiliates use these dirty tricks. I have yet, even until now, received free gifts that are even worth the price we initially paid!

Now for the promotions that tell us we will be able to purchase that product at a discounted price, but only if we act quickly. As for websites like this, I recommend that you take it easy and relax. That offer will still be there, months and even years to come. In fact, don't be surprised when you come back months later, and find out that the product has actually gotten even cheaper!

This is the most basic strategy that is used by all businesses in the Internet. Trust me, they are just using the word promotion. My only advice to you is relax. Do not pressure yourself to buy their product because of a small promotion, because that is what they want!

If you are unsure, do not buy it. Don't risk wasting your money. Instead, come back here often to check whether or not I found a product that can actually work for us. All these websites make you think you will make money easily, to pressure yourself into buying their product. In the next page, I will show the other techniques that they use.


Beware of free gifts and promotions

If we really look at all of the websites that promise to make us money, we will see that most of them use these methods. So are they really worth it? Learn the real reason why they use such methods, and if it really is beneficial to us.
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