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3. Beware of free gifts and promotions!

There are many websites that will make you feel as though you will be able to make fast easy money online. They appear to give you free items that will easily make you more money. I am sure everyone here has seen offers like this before.

You go to a website and they tell you that if you buy now, you will get plenty of free gifts, such as books that will teach us how to make even more money. And all the gifts are worth more than ten times what we are paying for. Another experience we all have, are websites that claim to give us a special discount. They will claim that there is a 50% discount, but only for the next 50 customers.

I'm sure many of us thought that we were quite lucky to have come across these promotions. I'm sure many of us also thought that we would be able to make fast easy money online. But the truth is, everyone will see the same promotion, even months later!

Of these two, the websites that promises you free gifts can be the most misleading. I'm sure many of you will recognize the type of promotion below.

Buy get rich book A for $99

Get free:
Get rich book B worth $49 >
Get rich book C worth $159 >
Get secret tips A worth $199

Pay only $99 and get products worth $506!

It looks like you will only be spending $99, and you will get $506 in values worth! With all these new books and secret tips, it will make you feel like you will be able to make fast easy money online.

But the question is, are they really worth that much? I personally used to look for offers like this in the beginning. But now, I never bother about them. Why? Because based on my previous experiences, none of them were even worth the initial price that I paid. There are usually two situations that happens after you buy these products. I will explain about them in the next page.


Beware of free gifts and promotions

If we really look at all of the websites that promise to make us money, we will see that most of them use these methods. So are they really worth it? Learn the real reason why they use such methods, and if it really is beneficial to us.
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