Websites that show you how to make quick money!

Continuing from the previous page, I was telling you that those websites will not show you how to make quick money. Why? Because almost all of them are not going to show you their secret techniques and the really useful methods. Why? Because they are worried that you might end up being their competitor.

Because of that, most of them will show you only the basic information and methods. These are the type of information that you would probably learn by yourself, after a few months you've created your own online business. In fact, the information is about the same information you would get for free, when you register with any affiliate programs.

So why would you want to pay for something that you could get for free? Only a small handful of them would actually share some important information with you. These little few are even called guru by many of their successful followers. They will explain and show you examples of how to effectively use techniques, such as e-mail subscription, e-zines and salescopy. E-zines are periodically sent information to you customers, whereas salescopy is the art of writing to entice your customers to buy your product.

Although they are all important aspects of many online businesses, most of them are not going to go into the details with you. In fact, many of the product that I bought, had VCD's and DVD's about the author going on and on about how important it was and the incredibly insane amount of money he claimed to have spent on it.

He just kept repeating that it was important, but he never explained what makes it effective and how to use it efficiently. People like this are not going to show you how to make quick money.

So far, I can only think of a small few that actually offered information that is worth noting. And I guess that isn't much of a surprise since they were among the most expensive. Although they are worth a recommendation, I cannot recommend it to you because there is still one huge obstacle in the way. And that is to create a website. Without a website, you will not be able to implement any of the information and methods.

So until I find a cheap and effective way for everyone to create a website, recommending them will just waste your money.

If you still want to look for products from the websites that fall under the second category, there is one method you can use. All of them claim to be very famous and respected in their field. So, type in that persons name into either Google or Yahoo. Names that have no matches, or only appear on their own website are obviously not as famous as they claim to be. If their names appear on other websites, read what is written to know if they really are as respectable as they claim to be.

But you still have to understand that almost all of them will not show you how to make quick money. In the next page, I will explain to you about the websites that fall under the third category.


Websites that are not value for our Money

As you've learned in the first section above, there are many different types of websites out there. While many are simply a waste of time and money, there are others that take on a different approach. Learn how to spot these and what you can expect from such websites.
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