Websites that show you fast ways to make money.

Now I will talk about the websites that fall under the third category. Which are websites that will guide and show you how to make and unpromised amount of money. Fast ways to make money? No, these websites usually will take quite some time before you will start earning some money online.

These websites will guide and show you how to earn money. But how much you earn will vary, depending on various factors, such as the topic you are doing, your target audiences, your means of income and many other factors.

Most of them predict that you will be able to make one to two thousands a month, after you have successfully set up your online business. But for those that predict that will be able to make tens of thousands or more, or that they have fast ways to make money on just a month, I recommend you to be extremely careful with them. You should investigate how they plan to make you money. If they plan to make you money by just filling out blanks in a program or any other unrealistic methods, I recommend that you just leave that website.

Websites in the third category seem to be the most reliable, since they will guide you, and they are much more realistic in terms of income. But we all know looks can be deceiving! In fact, they are the most dangerous because they are the hardest to determine, whether or not they are those "not value for money" websites.

Their most dangerous attribute? They appear innocent and are dying to help you. You can think of them as the Big Bad Wolf, hiding in grandma's clothes, in Little Red Riding Hood. If you buy some of the products from this category like I have, you will be shocked to find out that you ended up buying products that should be in the first and second category!

They can tell you that you are buying product A, but when you receive it, you find out that it is different and not the product A that they told you. Most of these websites that are "not value for money" will claim to show you fast ways to make money, to entice you. But there is one method to detect many of them. I will explain this method in the next page.


Websites that are not value for our Money

As you've learned in the first section above, there are many different types of websites out there. While many are simply a waste of time and money, there are others that take on a different approach. Learn how to spot these and what you can expect from such websites.
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