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Now that you know what are the methods used to make money through blogging, I would like to share some profitable blogging guides with you. The blogging advice here is a combination of information shared to me by lots of successful bloggers and my own research and experience. I do hope that this information will help create a profitable blogging experience for you.

First off, let's review the first method mentioned in the previous page, which is pay-per-click programs. I will continue using Google Adsense as a reference for this guide as well. While Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online, why is it not working for everyone? There are people who can easily make $5000 a month with it, and there are people who struggle to even make $5 a month with it. So why the big contrast?

There are two reasons. The first reason is the fee for the ads itself. Remember that Google will pay you a percentage of the fee that they receive for that ad. The fee for each ad clicked on can range anywhere from $0.01 to $20. Since your earning is based on a percentage of that fee, the more expensive the ad, the higher your commission.

The fee for those ad will depend on the topic of your blog since Google will automatically adjust to make sure that the ads are in theme with your blog's theme. So if your blog's theme is hair care, the ads that appear will mostly be in that theme as well. It is important to make sure that the ads that appear on your blog are of a higher value. This is something that can be applied to not only blogging guides, but also building a website.

There is one effective way of doing this but it does take some work. The first thing to do is to access the Google Adwords Keyword Tool that you can easily find on the Google Search engine. Type in a keyword that is related to your theme or topic and wait for the results to come out. What happens next si that it will show all the keywords and how much they cost. Using this method, you can get a rough idea of how much the ads will cost when you use certain keywords for your blog. This is an important blogging advice to get the most out of Google Adsense.

Please note that keywords are words or phrases that is used to determine what you blog is about. If you see a keyword that is related to your topic and is of high value, just try to use if more often in your blog page. Google will use it to determine what types of ads will appear on your blog. While this will take some time as you need to research and change the articles in your blogs to use those keywords, you will be able to get higher revenue for each ad. You might be surprised how a simple difference like "hair care product" against "hair care products" will give you a different result.

Now let's look at the second reason why Adsense does not work for everyone. Remember, you only earn a commission when a visitor clicks on the ads. Problem is, you can't ask them to click on the ad, and many people are not going to click on it as they are aware that it is an advertisement. In most cases, the ratio for people who click on the ads are around 4% to 8%. That means that if you have 100 visitors, only 4 to 8 people are going to click on it.

While changing the placements and the design of the ads might help a little, the only way to increase how much you earn from Google Adsense is by increasing the number of visitors. No matter what other blogging guides say, the most important thing here is to increase the number of visitors or traffic. If you have 100 visitors and only 4 click on it, then having 1000 visitors will mean that roughly 40 people are going to click on it. It is not easy, but this is the only effective way to earn more with Adsense. Please remember that no one used Adsense and made lots of money overnight. It takes time, but if you are able to pull in more visitors, your earnings with Adsense will grow.

Now let's look at affiliates for blogs. Affiliates are used frequently in websites, but to be honest, it is nowhere near as effective for blogs. Why? There is one simple reason for this and that is the image. Websites are seen as more professional whereas blogs are more about personal interest and opinions. It is harsh but it is the truth. Unless you are a famous person where people really do value your opinion, not many people are going to buy from you.

But the key here is not being a superstar, but being someone people trust. Other blogging guides might claim to teach you secret methods, but there is no such thing. It is all about the trust and relation you build with your visitors. Never try to sell a product unless you have built a trust with your visitors. Let me ask you a question. If you were to go to a blog and they kept asking you to buy something, would you buy it? I don't think so. But what is it was from a blog or website that you seen a few times and you know that they do provide good quality information and service to you? I am sure you would consider their recommendation much more than a blog that you are new to.

Too many bloggers make this mistake. And another mistake that must be avoided at all cost, is recommending something that has got nothing to do with your blog topic. This is an important blogging advice to earning income from affiliates. If your blog is about hair care, make sure that you don't affiliate products about computer software. People already trust you for your knowledge about hair care and if you recommend a product about hair care, they will likely take notice. But suddenly recommending people to buy something that has got nothing to do with your knowledge area makes it look like you are just trying to get them to buy something from you.

Another important blogging advice, only sell something that you are sure is of good quality and that your visitors will actually enjoy or reap the benefits of. Why destroy all that trust that you built? Recommend them something only if, you believe they will want it. It will actually benefit you more in the long run. Also, you wouldn't want people writing in the comments section that you are a rip off now would you?

A note of caution. There are many people selling blogging guides eBooks that promise to make you instantly rich. Needless to say, they are not worth it. Please remember that blogging takes time and effort. There is no secret formula as they claim, so please be careful of this.

While Google Adsense and affiliates might take time and a lot of work, it can be a powerful tool for your blog. In the next page of this blogging guides, I will show you some blogging advice about the other two methods that will can create a profitable blogging experience for you.

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