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The blogging advice in the previous page, looked at hot to use Google Adsense and affiliates effectively for your blogs. I am going to continue now by giving you some blogging advice on how to use sponsored reviews and selling advertisement space on your blog effectively.

First, let's look at sponsored reviews. It is probably the easiest way to make money from your blog. And if used efficiently, it could generate a very good income for you. All you need to do is write a positive review, place it in your blog for a minimum of 30 days, and you will be paid for it. It sounds almost too perfect. But there is one huge controversy to this method.

You have to write a positive review. Let's be honest. They are not going to pay you to write a bad review for their product are they? And here is where the controversy starts. People are writing good reviews for products that they have never even heard of. So how do they now that it is a good product? Simply put, it is considered very unethical. Even if that product or service is of very poor quality, people will keep writing good things about it because they will be paid to.

While many people will not mind bending the ethical rules to make some money, it does pose one problem to you. As I mentioned in the previous page, building a relationship with your visitors is very important. You need to build a good level of trust with them if you want your blog to be successful. But writing a review like this will contradict it.

You are recommending something that you might have no idea about. You might be recommending a product that is of very poor quality to your visitors. While doing so might earn you a little income, it can destroy the trust that you built with your visitor. And if you destroy that trust, it will actually affect you affiliate sales. Remember, being successful in selling any affiliated product will depend on trust. But if you recommend a poor quality product because of the sponsored reviews, it will destroy that trust and affect your affiliate sales.

So there is a balancing act here. The best blogging advice I can give you for this situation is to only do a sponsored review on a product that you know. If you do not know about it and you still want to do sponsored reviews, I recommend that you do some research on that product first. If it is a poor quality product, I would recommend that you avoid doing a positive review for it. It will pay of better in the long run for you.

Now let's look at the fourth method which is selling ad space. I am sure you've seen many spaces on blogs and websites claiming that that space is up for advertising. While this can be a very powerful income source, there are two important things that will determine whether or not you will be able to use this method. Traffic and Google PageRank.

The traffic numbers will determine if people are interested in advertising, and if so how much should you charge. A common tool used to measure traffic is the Alexa ranking. Although the Alexa ranking isn't an accurate indicator of traffic, it is useful to show how well a website or blog does. And to be honest, unless you are getting more than 200 visitors a day, you won't be able to make much from selling ad space. That is why Blogs struggle to sell ad space.

If you have less than 100 visitors a day, you could sell an ad space for around only $5 to $20 a month. A good blogging advice is to only place space for ads once you get at least more than 100 visitors a day. It might be hard to get those numbers, but it will only work well when you reach that stage.

Now let's look at the Google PageRank. The PageRank is used to indicate how valuable your blog is. It ranges from 0 to 10. Only one site has a PageRank of 10, and obviously it is Google. If you are able to build a PageRank of 4 or more, it will make your website more appealing to advertisers. So how do you build up your PageRank? By getting more links.

Google feels that if more website link to your blog or website, it shows that people actually value it. The PageRank is a measurement of the number of links your blog has. There are many ways to get websites to link to you. You can post you blog's address at forums, directories and ask other blogs and websites to list your blog as well. Or you can write multiple articles and have them listed in article directories. All in all they will work.

But building up your PageRank will take up a lot of time and effort. The best way to build up your PageRank is to create real good information in your blog, that others will want to automatically list in their own blogs and website. So why does a high PageRank makes it more appealing to advertisers? Because they want to build up their own PageRank.

If a website with a high PageRank links to you, it can increase your PageRank faster. And that is what many advertisers want, build a high PageRank for their own website. If you have at least a PageRank 4, advertisers would be willing to pay you around $500 a month to have their site listed there. A PageRank of over 5 can easily get you something in the thousands each month.

While it is very appealing, it is incredibly hard to do. You will need tens of thousands of good links to get a PageRank of 4, or a few hundred of very good quality links. Not easy, and it will not happen soon. It can take over a year for your PageRank to build up that high. But once it does, the reward is very rewarding to say the least.

A very important blogging advice though. Never under what so ever circumstances place an ad saying that you are selling a link because of high PageRank. Google doesn't approve of this, and they might even remove your PageRank value immediately. Just place an ad saying that you are selling ad space. Do not worry about the PageRank detail. PageRank hunters are always looking for websites with good PageRank to advertise in, so if your blog does have a good PageRank, they will want your ad.

Now that I've explained the four main methods to earn money from blogging, I have another important blogging advice for you. There are many bloggers that will try lots of strategies to get their blogs more visitors. And many of them will try to use blackhat strategies, which means methods that are deemed unethical by Search engines. While the search engines will drive most of your traffic, there are better ways than using such methods.

The best method? Creating real quality content and information for your visitors. If you created really good or interesting information, people will be interested, and they will return and they will inform others about it. The search engines will notice that people are spending more time on your blog and they will value it more. Also, try to update your blog frequently. The more frequent you add new information in your blog, the more likely the search engine will give your blogs a high ranking.

Another good blogging advice is to create a topic about something that you are knowledgeable about, or at least choose a topic that will people are interested in. For example, if you are good at gardening or even fishing, you can create a blog about that subject. This is a very good blogging advice as your visitors will learn to trust you more if you show good knowledge about the topic you choosed.

Also try to think of new topics that might be unique to you. For example, creating a blog about the town you live in. Talk about the people, the events and things to do in that town. Spread the news about that blog to people in that town, encourage them to go to that blog and comment and give information as well.

It might start small, but after a while the entire town will be visiting your blog. The traffic numbers will increase. You ranking in the search engines will rise. More and more people are going to your blog. You are able to earn more from Google Adsense, affiliates and you are able to sell ad space. All in all, try to think of something that will make your content unique from others and yet interesting for people to read.

This is just an example to show you what you can do, and how you an do things differently. If you feel it is interesting, you could start a blog for your small town as well if no one has done. Everything will come in place if you created a blog that is both interesting and of high quality information. This is probably the best blogging advice I can give you. Be both creative and yet aware for what your visitors might want. Do that, and you will succeed in blogging.

Many of the people who do make good money from blogging, usually have more than one blog. Many of them have more than 5. It is a good idea to have more blogs to maximize your income. My blogging advice to you is to start slowly. Create one blog first and get familiar with it. Once you are comfortable with it, you can start a second. Keep doing this at a pace that is comfortable to you. If you feel that maintaining one blog is already taking a lot of your time, then just stick with one.

I do hope that you find all the blogging advice and information useful, and that it will help create a profitable blogging experience for you. Happy Blogging.

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