The common misconception about work at home scams and opportunities

As we all know, there are many work at home scams. Although there are a few legitimate opportunities, I am afraid to tell you that most of the websites out there promising these, are all scams. There also has been many misconception about why and how a real one works. Although it is almost impossible to tell them apart, I will share some information with you to detect some of the common ones.

One of the easiest clue is, what is in it for them? Think about it for a moment. WhY would they bother helping you earn income, if they themselves are not getting anything back in return? Most of the work at home scams will say that they are helping you because they like to help people. Yeah right! They like to help people and then they will charge you a fee before you can even start earning. So much for trying to be helpful!

You will need to study the website throughly. A real work at home website business, will not depend on affiliates at all, since they will be using their own methods and products. So how do those websites earn money? Most large websites that are free, earn income from sponsors. But to get a sponsor's attention, they need to have lots of visitors, which will explain why they are doing it for free.

A sponsor's ad or banner doesn't have to appear in the website itself. It could come be in the e-zine, document files or any other download files. Also, study their terms and conditions as well as rules and regulations. Most work at home scams either use a very short and brief terms page, or either they copy from another website, which will make it easy to detect if you read through the entire thing. Whew, it is tiring, but at least you can get some clues on the authencity of the website.

They may also use other methods to make income to sustain the website, but you will need to use your own judgement to see whether or not what they do makes sense. Let's say that if the website tells you that they will be taking a 20% cut from all the earnings you made, it looks legit. Yeah it would infuriate some, but at least we know that we need to make money for them to also make any money. Hmmm..a rather good point of view right?

All of the legitimate work at home opportunities always have a very good customer support service. Why? Because they are serious about their business, they want you, their customer and workforce, to be able to do the best that you can. Of what I've seen from my experience, a reliable and legit website usually responds to your e-mail within 5 working days. Also, try giving their phone number a call, just to see if the number is real and how the customer support service is. They should be very informative and polite.

Most work at home scams that I have seen, either responds to my e-mail after two weeks, or I never even heard from them. And even in the responce, it was clear that they weren't professional at all. You might be surprised at how many of them place a fake phone humber and address on their website. I highly advice, that if you are interested in a website, send them an e-mail to determine their responce time and the responce itself, as well as calling them, to further check their authencity.

The legitimate websites also show their business address clearly for everyone to see. Do check out the legitimacy of the address as well. Even if it is in another country, you still should check. Either ask friend if you have any in the country to check. Even if they don't live near that place, they can easily consult many of the goverment legal centers, or lawyers firm to check the authencity of those business.

The common misconception that people make is this. They think that if that website displays a license number, displays their business address and phone number, they are legit. As I have just explained to you, this is wrong. Many of them will use fake information to mislead you.

It might look like a lot of work to check their authencity, but do remember. This is something that you are going to invest in for your future. I am sure that you would want to make sure that it is something that can work for you. By checking out many of the legal aspects, you can determine which are real opportunities, and which are just work at home scams.


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