Case study #2: Behind those tennant cash loans companies

This is a case study on tennant cash loans companies from a friend of mine who was working with them a long time ago. This case study will give you a new perspective and insight information on those tennant cash loans companies that offers fast cash loan for tennents. This case study does not show you how to settle your debt, it is to show you how they work and operate.

Have you noticed that there are many of them are around low to medium cost apartments and houses. They appear to be lots of them near the city, up to ten seemingly different tennant cash loans companies in just a one neighborhood. There are less of them on the outskirts of the city, but they are still actively present. The fact is that most people in low to medium cost apartments and houses faces money problem every now and then. That is why those cash loan companies have gathered there. And many people do go to them.

With so many tennant cash loans companies around, most people believe that they will be able to get a good offer due to the competition. They also believe that if they can't find an appropriate loan at one company, they can just go to another one with better rates, since there are so many of them offering fast cash loan for tennents. It might be hard to believe it at first, but that is what those loan companies want you to think.

My friend was working with those loan companies in the early 90s, and he has shared with me his experience of what those loan companies are doing. The most shocking fact that he shared with me, is that although they all look to be from different companies, they are all actually working together under one bigger company. All those small loan companies that you thought were from different companies, are actually working directly under one roof.

So why would they do that? According to my friend, there are three reasons behind this strategy. The first was already explained earlier on. It is to make people take a loan more frequently. Since there are many different loan companies in the borrower's eyes, they believe that they have a better chance of getting a better loan and thus they feel more comfortable with it. By making the people feel more comfortable and more open to these loan companies, those loan companies are going to get more customers.

The second reason is that by having a few tennant cash loans companies together means that even if someone were to leave one loan company for the other, it would still be to their own sub branch. Of course the customer has no idea of it. Think about it this way, if there are only five electrical stores in your area and all of it belongs to just one person, it would mean that no matter which store you buy from, the profit still goes to the same person. This is what they are trying to achieve.

The third reason is to avoid unnecessary competitions. Although these loan companies are ruled by organized crime groups, sometimes other groups will enter into each others territory to try to get a share and percentage of the market, without permission. Although it is very seldom that something like this happens, using this strategy will mean that less competitions are going to enter. If the competitions sees that there are already plenty of loan companies for one area, they would probably leave to find another better area. By making it seem as though the competitions in that area is very high, many other groups will be less likely to enter.

Although not all groups do this, there are quite a high number of them who do this. The reason is simple, there are many people who are constantly looking for fast cash loan for tennents. The strategy they use to fool many people is this. Each sub loan company will appear with a different name, and a different interest rate. Although the interest rates for many might be different, they will only differ by a small margin. For example, all the loan companies in that area will have interest rates from 15% to 20%. The difference will not be too big, as they will try to give each of their tennant cash loans companies their own profits.

Depending on the number of customers and amount used in each loan company, they will sometimes lower the interest rates for the under performing loan company. This will create a much more balanced working area for themselves, as well as making people believe even more that they are all run by different companies. The next time you or anyone you know is looking for a fast cash loan for tennents, don't be surprised after finding that their interest rates are all similar, that all those tennant cash loans companies belong to just one group.


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