Reshipping scams

Today, there are more reshipping scams going on then you might actually realize. So how does this reshipping scams work? Simple. All of them are actually quite the same. They claim to be a legitimate company from a third world country or from a country that is not recognized by certain Online and International payment company.

That means that although their business is legitimate, they can't really do business with certain countries because the institutes can't send any cheques or process the payments for those countries. That is where you come in. All they require you do to, is accept the goods and then send it to them.

It seems simple enough and harmless. And you don't even need to pay for anything, well except for maybe the reshipping fees. They promise that they will pay you back the reshipping fees and your commission fee as well. Ok, some of them here will never pay you. But most will. So it is easy and the chances of you getting paid are quite good. So what is the danger in this?

Simple. The people who hired you are not legitimate companies, but hackers instead. Certain countries like Nigeria and India are famous for their hackers. So many institutes do not accept any payments from them in fear of fraudulent activities. Those hackers will use stolen credit cards to buy products and have it sent to you. After that, you will send it back to them.

That way, they are still able to accept the goods that are purchased from those stolen credit cards. Plus, they have hidden their activities, yes, through you! You immediately become an accomplice to an International criminal. Ouch! Sounds scary alright! And because you accepted a commission from them, you will be considered an accomplice. Those criminals there will almost never get caught because they usually do their business at a cyber cafe, and they will regularly change their locations. That makes it hard to track those responsible.

The dangers of this activity is very real. Please remember that anyone or even a company that asks you to just receive products and then send it to them are all reshipping scams. Please do not take part in such an illegal activity.

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