Creating Profitable Blogging

While in the past, blogging was something of a hobby. But today, people are more concerned about profitable blogging. And who can blame them. There are so many bloggers out there that are creating profitable blogging and earning a full time wage just from blogging. Here I will show you most of the methods and techniques on how to make money blogging.

The good thing about blogs, is that you can use most money making methods that are used for websites, on a blog. Almost everyone uses those methods. The bad news, not all of them are suitable and effective. I will later explain the strengths and weaknesses of each, as well as some tips on how to use them successfully. Please note that you can find more information on some of these methods in the Methods that Work section. Now let's get started on how to make money blogging.

First, let's look at pay-per-click programs. These are perhaps the easiest and also the most effective method. Almost all of the successful people who are making money blogging will be sure to have this in their blog. While there are a few good programs like AdBrite, Kontera, Chitika and many more, we will look at the most famous of them all, Google Adsense.

This is probably the only one method that will work for everyone, and any type of website or blog. In most blogs and websites, the Google Adsense is probably their highest earner and a main key for profitable blogging. All you need to do is place a code for Google Adsense in your blog, and Google will automatically place ads that will match the theme or topic of your blog. Each time a viewer clicks on the ads, you will earn a small commission. You are however, not allowed to directly or indirectly ask your viewers to click on those ads. Doing so will result in Google banning you from this service.

The second is affiliates. Affiliates are a great source of income if done and used right. For normal websites, their highest earners are usually the Pay-Per-Click programs and the affiliate programs. For the affiliate program, all you need to do is find a product that you like and think would fit in the topic of your blog. Look for a few, and see which one of them has an affiliate program. Compare them to find the most effective and profitable product.

Different affiliate programs will offer you a different commission rate, so it is important to compare which will work best for you to create a profitable blogging for you. Joining an affiliate program is free which is why there are so many people using this method. After you have registered with them, they will provide you with a code. All you need to do is place that code into your blog and promote that product. Each time a visitor buys that product by clicking on that link, you will earn a commission for that sale.

The third method is through sponsored reviews. This is a unique method on how to make money blogging. This method is perfect for Blogs and many blogger are using it to create a profitable blogging experience. After creating your blog and maintaining it for a while, register with a few Sponsored reviews programs. It will take a few days for them to accept you. Once you are accepted, you are able to access a list of sponsors. These sponsors will include information on the products or services that they want you to review.

You just need to write a positive review and place it on your blog. The sponsored review website that you registered with will then check it to make sure that it is what the sponsors want and that it doesn't go against any of their terms. Most of the times, the reviews needs to be on shown on your blog for a minimum of 30 days. After that, the website will pay you for that review. Most of the review will vary, from $5 to $30. Many bloggers who are making money blogging do use this method quite a bit. You can find a list of good sponsored review websites in the main menu.

The fourth method is to sell advertising space. In many websites we see, we will notice a space that is up for advertising. People who are interested can advertise anything they want there on a daily fee. How much you can earn from this will depend on the number of traffic and your Google PageRank. All you need to do is place a notice that the space is up for advertising and wait for someone who is interested to contact you.

Now that you know how people are making money blogging and how to make money blogging for yourself, I would like to show you something even more important. While these methods are all great, they don't necessarily work for everyone. In the next page, I would like to show you how to use each of them effectively and as well as explain some of their weaknesses. This knowledge can prove to be vital to creating a profitable blogging experience for you.

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