Pay Per Install, PPI Scam! Case Study

PPI scam. It really is true that they are a scam, and I will now prove it to you with this case study of what happened to me when I tried this method out. I was able to find a free guide that taught me the methods that they were able to do over 1000 downloads in a single day. Yes, over 1000 in just one single day. It had some very impressive methods, but I am going to uncover the truth about PPI scam and show you that they don't work as well as they used.

First of all, I registered with one of those PPI websites and got my software and login password to view how much I have earned. First of all the guide asked me to look for downloads that are currently "hot" in the download sections. By going to certain Torrent sites, you will be able to view what files were uploaded yesterday and the number of downloads that it has.

Here the guide asked me to download all the softwares that has over 50 seeders and leechers. Seeders and leechers are just terms for people who have downloaded those files and are helping to make the download even faster. It made sense, as by going after the softwares that many people were looking for, you would increase your number of downloads. The next step was to download all those files.

Now it is time to combine the downloaded file with the small software that you received from you PPI website. The guide provided the instructions on how to combine the two and make the installation of the PPI software invisible to the person who installed it. Shockingly, the process was so simple using Microsoft's window application. The next and last step was to upload them into the major Torrent websites.

And this is where this method does not work anymore. To upload to those Torrent websites, you need to create a certain torrent file for the software you are going to upload. The thing is that all Torrent websites are now aware of these PPI scam. When you create a Torrent file of that software, the Torrent file will indicate whether or not that software has been modified or added with certain softwares. That means that once you upload you files, they will be rejected and you will be banned from that site.

That happened to me after I tried to upload the third file. Until now I am still banned from those Torrent sites. To add downloads through Torrent sites is the most profitable and perhaps the only profitable one, as they can produce lots of downloads. Many websites are now aware of PPI scam, and they will not allow you to upload such files to their database. So that means that for you to provide a download service for those files, you will need to buy your own server to support the downloads.

That is very expensive, and I doubt that anyone would be able to earn anything even if they did buy their own server. By the way, that file also infected my own computer, so I had to format and delete everything on my computer (Luckily, I have already made backup files before I tried this method). If it was to affect your server, everything would go down the drain and you would have to start all over again.

In fact, there is also one lie about it. Many of them claim that you only need to upload them once and you don't have to do anything anymore. That is not true. I met a few people who were doing PPI. They explained that website and people's computer security are often updated, which means that the file they have created will be made useless as the Anti-Virus softwares will delete them. The PPI website are also constantly updating their software to be able to bypass the security. Which means that you will have to constantly update all your uploaded files.

The person I met told me that he would sometimes have to update all his files up to three times a week. It may not seem like much if you have only a few files. But to really make money with them, you will need hundreds of files, and updating all of them three times a week is impossible. In fact, most of the people I have met, have already started to give up on this method as it isn't as effective as it used to be anymore.

I highly recommend that you never use this method. It will not make you any money, and the only thing that you can obtain from it is perhaps getting banned from many websites, Internet Service Providers and even a legal lawsuit for conspiracy to invading other people's privacy. Do not fall for this PPI scam as many other have. Another thing, many of the people I met doing this also said that they were quitting because all of the PPI website were shaving their earnings. Shaving means that they claim you earn much less than what you actually have. Another PPI scam from the website itself.

This is one very dangerous scam that could endanger other people and also yourself. Please never ever try those PPI scam. They will use nice words and sweet promises, but they do not work and even if it did work, it is not worth taking the risk of a legal lawsuit.

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