The right attitude and methods to safely settle your personnal money loans

I would like to show you some tips before and after you borrow any personnal money loans from those loan sharks. These tips are from my friend who was in this business a long time ago. While these tips are only useful on personnal money loans that are from loan sharks, the mentality and attitude are important aspects that can be applied to any type of loan from any source.

First, I would like to offer you some inside tips on how to get a better interest rate, as well as how not to fall for their tricks. Whenever you are going to the loan office to get a loan, it is a good idea to bring someone along with you. There are a few reasons for bringing someone along. The first is so that you will feel more comfortable and secure. The second reason is so that one of you can entertain the person talking to you guys, while the other reads the fine prints in the contract. Many loan company workers will keep striking up a conversation with you to purposely distract you from reading it.

The golden rule when applying for personnal money loans, is to not look and sound desperate. It can be hard for many, especially when they are alone. But if you are able to stay calm, the loans and the interest rate can be lowered. How is that possible? Like I mentioned in the previous few pages, most loan company take advantage of those who are in desperate need of quick personnal money loans. If they sense that you are desperate, they will up the interest rate because they believe that you will still take it. If you act calm and composed, they will give you a better interest rate in fear that you might leave without applying for that loan. For them, any loan is still a good one, but they just try to take advantage whenever possible.

One more tip for you is do not be afraid of rejecting that loan. If you feel that the interest rate and the payback amount is too high for you too handle, do not be afraid to reject the offer and look for another loan at another place. Although it will seem like the obvious choice, many people do not do this. Sometimes they feel intimidated, which is why I recommended you bringing a friend along to make you feel calm and secure. There is also a huge percentage of people out there who will take those personnal money loans even if they can't afford the interest rate, just because they are desperate for the quick personnal money loans. And another very important tip, do not be afraid of negotiating the interest rates and payback schemes with them.

Now I will explain the tips about how to help reduce your personnal money loans after borrowing from them. Before any of these tips can be applied, it is important that you have been paying for at least five or more months on time and without any delays. Do not pay them ahead of schedule, but rather on the date of the payment itself. After you have a good payment record with them, do not be afraid to return to them and try negotiating with them to lower the interest rates or the payback period. While many will not agree, there are still some that will lower it, in the hope that you will borrow a second loan, or introduce your friends to them. But you must make them feel that you are very sincere in paying finish the loan, but you are having difficulties. That is why I recommended you to pay on the payment date itself and not earlier. If they feel that you can easily pay the loan, they will not reduce the amount and interest rates.

One common mistake that some people make, mostly males, is they try to be authoritative in front of the loan workers. They think that if they do that, the loan people will feel intimidated and they won't threaten you. This is very wrong, and can lead to an even worse situation. My friend told me that whenever they met someone like that, they will pull out all the stops to try and increase the interest rates and make that person's payment almost impossible. They really do not take people with that type of attitude very well. And when that person can't pay the amount needed, they will resort to violence. Instead, if you try to be polite to them understanding, they are less likely to resort to any sort of violence. But there is only a thin line in being polite and being easily manipulated by them. There is no real definition for this because different loan companies have different levels of tolerance. You should judge the situation and decide on the best course of action based on your judgment.

Finally, I would like to talk about the mentality and attitude you should have when you are in the middle of a debt. When you are in debt, you must have the mentality of someone in debt. That will mean that you will have to be much more calculative on your spending, as well as always calculating and saving so that you will be able to pay up your personnal money loans while still being able to spend on the necessities, such as food, bills and so on. Although many people do this, they don't keep it up for long. Many people just have this mentality for a couple of months, and then they lose sight of it. Many of them will end up with a second loan and a bigger debt due to poor money management.

Now I will explain to you about the attitude that many people have. Most people feel good about themselves after they've just settled one month's payment, that they end up spending more money to other things that are not necessary. Rewarding yourself once in a while is not a problem, but many just keep spending without control. The right attitude you must have, is to acknowledge that you are in debt, and that you need to settle your debt as quickly as possible. After a few months, many people get jealous of other without a debt, and they spend more money just to make themselves feel better. Guys drown themselves in liquor while women usually go on a shopping spree. While it is alright to spend some money sometimes to make you feel better, do remember that doing that is just to make you feel better, it will not solve the problem. The only way to solve the problem is by saving your money so that you can pay back your debt.

It is amazing, how many people do this. Many of them just want to enjoy the moment, without thinking about the near future. Please remember, to solve this problem, you need to settle your personnal money loans. And the best way to do that is to have an attitude that wants to settle the loan as quickly and safely as possible. A professional psychiatrist once said that many people overlook this attitude. Although it looks like just a small difference maker, it is actually the biggest difference maker in settling your personnal money loans. Many people who have successfully settled their debts, have a very strong will and attitude. But the psychiatrist did mention the biggest problem. Many people do apply this attitude, but only for a couple of months. The real important thing to quickly settling your debt is to keep this attitude alive throughout the entire process.

These are all considered very basic methods. But the problem is that many people forget about them and their importance. Some people do not even bother at all. These few methods shown are just some of the effective ways to make sure you are able to quickly settle your personnal money loans. A good mentality and attitude will help you economize on your expenditure, save more of your money which in turn will help you settle you debts quickly. For your convenience, I will include a few real life case studies of these scenarios for you to better understand what to do and what to expect. These are from people I personally know, as well as the experience from my friend who was in this business a long time ago. Sometimes you can't help borrowing personnal money loans from those loan sharks because emergencies happen without notice. But you can learn how to reduce your chances of getting tricked by them and how to safely settle your debt.


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