Paypal scam

PayPal scam is one sensitive issue. There are thousands of people who have voiced their dissatisfaction at PayPal. And yet, there are tens of thousands of people who are happy with its service. So why is it that there are such large differences?

Ok, first let's understand PayPal a little better. PayPal is an online method for people to safely do transactions. Be it a purchase, bill payment or even money transfer to another person with a PayPal account. In all fairness, PayPal is secure and safe.

But one thing that does bother people, is the rules that it has. One of the rules is that PayPal has the right to terminate your account and all balance in it! Yes, shocking but true! Many people do not really read those long terms and conditions. But I would believe that if most people read it, the number of PayPal users will drop.

But PayPal doesn't simply disables people's accounts. If they did, they would be investigated by many of the Internet authorities. So the reason why some accounts and balance is terminated, is in truth, quite simple. People may go around calling it a PayPal scam, but to get your account terminated, it simply means that you have done a few things that are against PayPal's rules.

Using PayPal to purchase illegal and explicit items such as child pornography, false personal information, suspicious money activities and even suspicions or complaints of fraud, can lead to your PayPal account being terminated. The biggest problem that many people do face is purchasing illegal and explicit products.

The problem is that although most of the websites are so well disguised, that most people had no idea that they were purchasing illegal products. This has lead to many people's account being terminated and people calling it a PayPal scam.

Although these circumstances are sometimes unavoidable, the dissatisfaction that many people have, is the customer support that they get from PayPal. Due to it's large number of users, we can all expect service to be a bit slower. But not many people are happy with having to wait for something that they thought they did nothing wrong. And also to be fair to those people, sometimes, the response from the PayPal support hasn't always been first class.

There have been many unconfirmed reports of people claiming that PayPal did not explain why their accounts were being terminated. If this really does happen to you, please keep that e-mail response from the PayPal support, and e-mail it to them again and politely ask for an explanation. If still no explanation is given, you should seek the government financial bodies or law firms for further advice.

Although I highly doubt that it could happen, this is still the best advice I can give you in case a scenario like that does happen. I would like to reiterate the fact that PayPal is safe and secure. There really isn't a PayPal scam. It is just that there are many rules and regulations placed by them to make sure no fraudulent activities take place. Please read all of the rules and regulations for PayPal if you are using or planning to use it.

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