The dangers of Pay Per Install!

Pay Per Install or also known as PPI. You may have or may have not heard of it. But this method is now becoming more and more famous among many Internet users who are looking for ways to make some extra income online. The problem is that many of them do not know about the truth behind these Pay Per Install guide and software.

What does this PPI do and how does it work? It is actually very simple. PPI gives you a simple and small software. All you need to do in combine it with any other softwares and provide them to be downloaded. Each time someone downloads and installs them, you earn a small commission. But only completed installs in certain countries will be counted. The most notable countries are the US, Canada, and Europe.

You can use any software you want and you can use any method to distribute them that you want. And if you look carefully enough, you can buy or find a few free Pay Per Install guide that will teach you the methods to distribute them in large numbers and earn some nice income. Most of them will claim to have been able to make up to $300 a day. In all honesty, I believed that they could, but not anymore.

That is the reason why they are willing to teach you how to do it. If the method is still doable, I doubt that they would be willing to share their methods with anyone of us, as we would be competing with them. But the biggest threat of all is that what you are installing is not a safe and legit software as most of them will claim. What you are installing into other people's computers are MalWare, AdWare, SpyWare and Viruses!

That is why those so called companies are willing to pay you money for every successful installs that you have made. They will make money from Adwares that the users click on, and they will steal their private information through SpyWare and then cover their tracks through Viruses. And this is what makes it dangerous for you for working together with them to promote such things.

In the best case scenario, you will only get banned from many websites and Internet Service Providers. In the worst case, depending on how you market and describe that download, it could end up with a legal lawsuit. The Internet is free but it still does have it's own laws. If you were recently reading some of the news that appeared on Yahoo's front page, you might have noticed the headline where the most active spammer was sued for over $5 million. Yes 5 Million!

And that is just for spamming. What you are doing is invading people's privacy and stealing other people's private information which is considered more serious. Of course the chances of it happening is not high, because this method now doesn't work as well as it used too. In fact I can say that it can't really work anymore to make you a nice amount of income. To understand why Pay Per Install won't work anymore, please read the next page where I will show you my experiment in trying this method out.

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