Online survey scam!

Online survey scam. There are many of them. "But you recommend survey to us?" I hear you say? Yes, that is because, there are still some legit survey sites online. Remember, a scam usually follows a legit business since that legal business has already done most of the marketing, all the scams need to do is appear as those legal websites to trick people.

Although it might be hard to differentiate those online survey scam from the real legit ones, from just looking at the website, there are a few other methods. First of all, we must remember that all legal survey websites are 100% free. They will never ask you to buy something, nor pay for anything. They really do want your opinion badly, so why would they want to ask you to pay for anything?

It is fair to say that any website that pose as a survey website, but ask you to pay or buy anything, are those online survey scams. There are a few websites that will charge you a fee to view their survey's list. They are a website that will collect survey sites, and then for you to look at those list to register, they require a fee.

I do have to mention that although they are not scams, I still do not recommend that you pay for it. You will almost notice that they claim to have more than 500 survey websites and that you could easily earn more than $3000 every month. Sorry, that is all not true.

They might have over 500 survey sites, but I can guarantee you that more than half of them are all online survey scam. Why? They concentrate more on quantity rather than quality. That means that they will include any survey website they can find, just to increase the numbers in their database to entice you into thinking you will earn more.

Another thing. I am sorry to say this, but you will almost never earn more than $1000 from surveys. Why? They claim that you can keep doing surveys as much as you want right? And that the potential you could earn is almost unlimited. But, that is far from the truth. To be honest, most legal survey websites will only send you two or maybe up to 5 surveys a month. Do not expect to open you e-mail everyday to find hundreds of surveys. This is one of the most exaggerated lie that they use.

Also, if you were to look hard enough, you could actually find some good survey sites on your own. Ehem...and I already have a list of survey sites that I have accumulated for free for you. Surveys are fun, free and the best part, they are easy to do. While they may not make you rich, considering the amount of time and effort you need to put in, it is definitely worth it.

I also have to make a special mention of this. I have recently heard of some illegal websites that pose as legit survey websites, but never ask you to pay for anything. So, what are they after? They are after your personal information. So no matter what the circumstances, never release your private information such as ID number, Social Security number, PayPal account number and credit card number. No matter what promises they make, never ever release those information. A real legit survey website will only be interested in information such as household income, number of siblings and jobs. They will never ask such personal information as it has nothing to do with surveys.

This is the reason I included surveys into the "Online Danger" section. There are some that will pose as legit websites just to steal your private information. It could lead up to unauthorized bank transactions, credit card transactions and worse, identity theft. Those are all very dangerous situations to be in.

Please remember, all online survey scam websites will ask you to pay or buy something. Never pay them a single cent. Those are down right scams that are trying to trick your hard earned money.

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