The most common online dangers!

Online dangers! Everyone knows it exists, but not many people know how it works. In the next few pages, I will show you plenty of different methods used, but now I will talk to you about the most dangerous of them all, but sadly also the most common.

The most dangerous and the most common online dangers are credit card fraud and theft of personal information. Many might not know it but these two are very much linked together. The method used to steal your credit card number, is the same as the method used to steal your personal information as well.

The method that they use is by using a now famous software called SpyWare. SpyWare can be well hidden and can appear in many forms. Once it is installed, all your personal information and personal files in your computer can be viewed by the perpetrator and they can even copy it. You may not save your credit card info in your computer, but there are some SpyWares that are so advanced that they can view exactly what you view on your computer and even determine what key you have just typed on.

Having a good anti-virus and anti-spyware software is sometimes not enough. You need to make sure that your software is always updatedas new online dangers appear. The software for those SpyWare are constantly updated that they can easily pass any older version anti-virus and anti-spyware software. What makes them really dangerous is that by the time you update your anti-virus and anti-spyware, they might have already gotten all your personal information.

So how do they get those softwares into your computer? They disguise it by combining it with other softwares or games. And once you install those softwares, the SpyWare will automatically be installed. The installation of the SpyWare is hidden from people's view. That means that you only see the installation of the software you wanted, while the SpyWare is silently being automatically installed behind it.

The only way to combat this is by being careful in the files that you download and install. Only download files from sources that are trusted or download the software straight from the source. But the problem is that many of those people add the SpyWare into files that you would have to buy online. Seeing that it is available for free, many people will download it and install them. The is one of the most common ways they get a SpyWare into your computer.

Some of them are also so smart that they will disguise their operation. They will include a slow running virus. The virus will run once they have obtained all the information that they want. The virus will then continue to destroy your computer and you are left with no choice but to format it. Their SpyWare is automatically deleted after format, and you had no idea that you had been hit by a SpyWare.

This is one of the biggest and most dangerous of all the online dangers. If you would like to learn more about how they create those SpyWare files and how they distribute it, please read the PPI or Pay Per Install page in this section. It will show you how they work and why it is becoming more and more popular for violators, and more dangerous for us normal users.

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