Nigerian Scam today

As I have explained in the previous page, the Nigerian scam is a kidnapping scam that is utilized by African con mans. If you have yet to read it, please do so before proceeding with the next paragraph as it will help you understand the Nigeria scam better as a whole. Please click on the Page 16 in the navigation link below to read the previous article.

Now I will proceed and explain some of the disturbing changes that have been happening to the Nigerian scam. Earlier on, I explained that most of them are operating in Nigeria and a few other African countries. But it would seem that some of them are now operating even in Europe. Most of the cases have been reported to take place in London, England and Amsterdam, Holland.

After being successful in the Nigeria scam, a few of those con man have now moved to these big cities in Europe. They are now living in luxury due to the Nigerian scam that they have used on innocent victims. But instead of hanging up their boots and escaping crime, it would seem that they are still at it, except now on foreign ground.

The problem is that the number of victims to them are also increasing. As the awareness level for the Nigeria scam increases, more people are not falling for their tricks. But since they are now using a major city like London and Amsterdam, people are less suspicious. And worse, those con man will use different methods to trick their victims each time.

They might use an investment scam on some victims, and another type of scam on others. Although they are now operating in another country, this scam is still referred to as the Nigerian scam as most of those con man originally used the Nigeria scam as their main aactivity. But so far, their main method for the scam is still investment. They will claim to offer you a fantastic investment, and then when they get you interested, they might use lots of different methods to scam you.

Also please be careful as recently those scammers are also using a different method. Instead of offering you an investment, they will come to you to make one. One recent such scam was a church scam. The scammers told one of the authorities of the church that they wanted to make a large deposit for the church. They used lots of stories to convince the official, but in the end, it was the official that got scammed.

But the worst part is that it would seem that they are getting bolder by the moment. There have been a few cases where the victims have been beaten badly, and a few have even been killed. Please be very aware of this scam that is still happening as we speak. It would seem that even the authorities are having trouble finding and arresting all of them.

The best advice I can give you is to be very careful with anyone offering you a business opportunity that seems to good to be true. Also if you do go to different cities to meet any pausible business prospects, please make sure to inform people of your whereabouts and always bring a few of your trusted and reliable friends for safety reasons. Those con man might be less inclined to act in the presence of many people. Please inform everyone you know of this new generation of the Nigerian scam. Together we can stop the spread of the Nigeria scam.

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