The common misconception about the Mystery Shopping Scams

One scam that is getting more popular today is the mystery shopping scams. It is very popular nowadays with women especially. It sounds perfect, all you need to do is just go shopping and you could easily earn money. Who wouldn't want to do it? It is because of this that almost all of its victims are women. But there is one big misconception about this. It will be revealed at the end.

So why is mystery shopping scams getting more popular? As I have mentioned, most of its victims are women. But most of them are housewives who are looking to the Internet for a new source of income. Many do not know that it is a scam. In fact, mystery shopping is also increasing in its popularity because of a few good sites. Imagine it, it worked for one housewife, she tells her neighbour. The neighboor in turn tells her other neighboors. And the normal gossip chat continue. After a hearing about it, many of them are eager to try it, so they set out on their own to find a good site to do it.

So what are those mystery shopping scams after? Your money. They will tell you that you could make thousands every month doing something that you enjoy. But to participate, you will need to pay a certain fee to join their so called "exclusive" club. And after you pay the fee, you find that they just keep sending you to other mystery shopping sites that asks you to either buy something or pay for another fee.

Many people believe that you will be able to make some good money from it. But the truth, is that you will not be able to make much money from it. So how much could you make? Hmmm...based on many of the people who have done it, it would appear that you could potentially earn up to $10 for a single shopping spree at one mall. Imagine it, you need to drive to one mall and spend quite some time there, but in the end, all you earn is just $10. Not really great value considering the gas and time spent.

There are some that do earn a couple of extra hundreds a month though. They register with a few good ones, and do all of thier shopping together to save time and cost. However, most of the mystery shopping sites out there are scams. It is very difficult to find a real good one. But one tip that I would give you is, if they ever ask you to pay or provide your personal information, don't. It doesn't really mean that those websites are a scam, but it is better to avoid taking chances.

With the rate that mystery shopping scams is growing, it is almost scarry to imagine the number of victims that will fall into their trap. Please help by informing anyone you know of this scam. Knowledge of this can help stop this scam from growing again!


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