Money laundering scam Online

In many countries, the criminal act of money laundering scam is one that poses a grave threat. But as we all know, they don't go online to do their criminal activities. Why? Because they deal with large amounts of money, and online, transactions tend to be done in electronic format, for example accounts to accounts such as PayPal and also through cheques.

By using those electronic money, it would seem impossible for them to do their money laundering scam. But do beware, there have been some activities of money laundering scam going on even online. It is never done by those large illegal groups, but more by those smaller individuals. They tend to do small transactions which are harder to detect.

So how do they do it online? There are many methods. Some might ask you to send a $50 bill and receive a $100 bill in exchange for taking part in some sort of activity. But most of the cases have been reshipping methods that was mentioned in the previous page. Although it might be hard to determine which methods and websites use those counterfeit money, there is one thing that makes detection a bit easier. Most of them do not use a website. They tend to find you through e-mails, forums or other online communities.

In most such cases, they will use various methods to pay you with their "dirty money". Some might ask you to help them buy something, and then they will pay you for it along with some extra commissions. They might even ask to you to lend them some money, and then pay you back using their "dirty money". But the most dangerous scenario, is if they ask you to do an errand or help them with something, and then they pay you with their money. You could end up as an accomplice. Whatever methods they use, the basics behind them is the same. They will want to pass you real money for your efforts instead of paying you electronially.

As I have mentioned earlier, most transactions online are done electronically. That means that if they do send you cash money in an envelope, you might want to be very careful. The best advice I can give you is to take that bill immediately to a local bank and have it check for authenticity. If it is fake, report to the police immediately, although the bank will also do so. Inform the authorities of everything you know. It is much better than getting arrested when trying to make a purchase at your local mall...and less embarrassing!

The last thing you would ever want, is to be considered an accomplice in such a large illegal activity. They might find that you are a victim instead of an accomplice, but you will be held for questioning for a long time. Hmm...not a nice way to spend you time I must say.

So please be careful with those money laundering scam that is even going online. The cases might be very few, but still, prevention is always better than cure.

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