Is it money and investment worth your time?

There are two reasons why websites that fall under the first category, are not worth your money and investment. The first reason is that they can actually promise you a fixed amount of income, week in and week out.

If giant corporations won't even dare to promise their own shareholders how much profit they will make, what do you think about a website that you don't even know. The answer is simple. There is no such thing, in the Internet and in the real world.

You can consider them the same as those door to door salesmen, that tells you that you have won a very expensive gift. But you can only claim them if you pay a small fee. And we all know that those are not worth out money and investment!

The second reason is the price. If you could really only pay $50 to $200, and make thousands every week, than I would believe that there would be no more poor people in this world! It would be the world's greatest money and investment scheme. Let's just make believe for a moment that we really did find a method, where anyone would be able to make at least one thousand every week. Would you actually sell it for $200 or even $50 for that matter? Of course you won't!

If it was me, I would sell it for $20,000, and I would still have millions of people who are willing to buy it from me. In the real world, people spend tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, just to build a business.

Most successful businesses will only earn back what they initially invested, after one year. Many will have to wait even longer! So do you think that investing $200 will guarantee that you will make thousands every week? The answer is a big no! Remember, to buy something of high value, we must pay its high price.

Of course I had no idea that they were all "not value for money" websites, when I first came across them. I have fallen victim to them before, so I would like to share my experience with you.

Some of the websites in the first category claimed that they had developed a superior and complex program. They claimed that if I just fill in the blanks in the space provided by the program, I would start earning money. I bought it, I filled in the blanks, and guess what happened? Nothing! It was an empty and useless program!

So far, I have never seen nor heard from anyone that these types of programs can actually work. So I would greatly recommend that you never buy a product that they claim will earn money from filling in the blanks! Definitely not worth your time, money and investment! In the next page, I will explain to you about websites that fall under the second category.


Avoiding the Unrealistic Websites

There are many scam websites out there. We can easily eliminate most of them by categorizing those websites into three different categories. Learn which ones are really not even worth our time and why.
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