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There are many people who actually make money working online. Yes, they are making money from the Internet by working there. Well, not actually there but they offer their services on the Internet. This has become quite a trend nowadays.

Let's say for example that you are a designer. You work for a small company, from 8 to 5. You make $2000 a month, but you want to increase your income. But business at the company is slow, that there doesn't look to be any promotions in the nearby horizon. You would like to do some extra work, but a second job would just be too physically tiring. So what do you do? You sell your designer skills online and you actually start to make money working online.

Of course I'm not asking you to quit your job, but by working online, you will actually be making money from the Internet. One of the advantages of selling your services online is that you can actually choose which projects to do. You can also set your own dateline for project completion. If you thought that there might not be enough projects online to sustain a good income, you will be surprised!

Many companies are now outsourcing as it actually saves them more money, and they have a large variety of experts to choose from. In fact, there are many people who quit their normal job to be a freelancer on the Internet. And there are a huge variety of projects out there, from graphics to writers, to psychiatrists to even plumbers!

So what do you need to start making money from the Internet? The same thing you need in real life, a portfolio. Depending on your profession, you can create a website that shows off your ability. A designer or artist can create a website to showcase their previous work. A writer, psychiatrists or accountant can create a website that shows their previous achievements and awards. You can create an online portfolio, depending on your preference. If there are so many people working online, what's stopping you to make money working online?


You must have a portfolio to start to make money working online. Many people create a website that acts as their portfolio. Why? Because their prospect employers can view their portfolio instantly, and at any time. This gives them an advantage over those who would have to send their portfolio over by mail.

Once you have your portfolio done, you can go to the thousands of freelancing agencies website. To search for one that requires your field of work, just type your profession and add freelancer to it, into either Google or Yahoo. You will have to register with them, which is mostly free, so that they can recognize you as a true professional in your field. Once done, just type in what type of projects you are looking for. After that, just bid for the project by placing your portfolio, price and dateline. If they choose you, they will send you a notification. That's it!

If you would like to learn how you can create a website to showcase your portfolio and your talent, you can do so here.


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