Make money surfing the Internet?

Page 5: Websites that claim to help us make money surfing the Internet

What they promise

They promise that you will be able to make money surfing the Internet. The longer you stay online the more money you will earn. It is open to anyone from everywhere around the world.

How does it work?

They plan to pay you a certain amount of money for every minute or hour that you stay online. Most of them now calculate by the hour. All you need to do is register with them and download a special toolbar that they have created. That toolbar will confirm the amount of time you've spent online, and send it back to them so that they can pay you.

The dangers of buying from them.

There are a few dangers that you have to be careful of when trying this product. First of all, these website usually allows you to register for free. If there is a website claiming that they have a much higher pay rate, so you have to pay to register, I recommend that you do not buy from them. They may or may not be scams, but it could lead to a bigger risk.

All of these websites require that you download their special toolbar. That is where the biggest danger really lies. If that was a scam website, thaat toolbar might be a hacking device. If it really is a hacking device, your information on your computer might be vulnerable to them.

They also might be able to steal your important information, such as credit card information, bank account and other important documents. The risk of this happening is already more than enough to discourage many people.

Who would benefit buying from them

Everyone can benefit from them. But please do not get fooled into believing that you will be able to make a nice amount of income. Most will pay you around 1 to 4 cents per hour, for being online. When you add the numbers up, you can see that it isn't going to earn you much.

That is why many people prefer not to use them. The money you can earn is very little compared to the risk of it being a hacking device. I also recommend that you investigate the website throughly before downloading its toolbar. You will make money surfing the Internet, but you won't get rich with this method.


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