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If you do not know it yet, you can actually make money doing surveys. Many people also call them cash paid survey. All you need to do is register yourself with one of those survey companies [ you can find a list here ], and they will send you surveys that match your criteria. Once you complete each survey and send it back to them, you will get paid.

You might be wondering how cash paid survey works. I will explain to you in detail, how it works first. When you go to any one of the survey listed companies on this website, you will either be taken directly to the registration page, or you will have to click on the register button.

There, you will be required to fill in quite a bit of information, about you and your household. Such as, number of people living under one house, number of brothers and sister, occupation, hobby, number of cars, groceries and others that are quite similar.

After you've filled in all the information, you will finish it by giving them your e-mail address and house address. They will send the survey to you by e-mail, and payment will be sent to your house address. You can choose to not participate in any surveys, but to maximize your earnings, doing as much as you can is recommended.

It might sound too simple to be true. But it is true. You can make money doing surveys. I will explain to why it works. There are thousands of giant corporations everywhere. The lifeblood of these corporations, are its products. So if a product was to do badly in the market, it could mean disastrous results for the company.

This is where cash paid survey comes in. The only way for them to find out, if their product has good customer value and demand, is to let normal customers test it out first. That is why you entered a lot of information into those survey listed companies. It is so that those giant corporations can send their surveys to their targeted customers. All you have to do is give them your opinion honestly.

Paying you $20 to $50 for each survey, can save those huge corporation, millions in loses. It might seem like they are paying you quite a lot, but the truth is that they are saving even more. So for them, they are willing to pay you, if you give them an honest opinion about their product. It is a logical reason why people can make money doing surveys.


The main requirements to participate in surverys are, a valid and active email address, and a home address for them to send your rewards to. Do take note that certain survery companies cater for residents from certain countries only, so you have to check if you qualify.

While surveys are an easy way to make money online, the amount that can be made is quite small. And mroe worrying is the fact that more than half of the survery websites out there are run by scammers instea of real professional companies. So do becareful before joining any survey company.


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