Make money doing nothing?

Page 6: Websites that claim will help us make money doing nothing

What they promise

They promise that you will be able to make money doing nothing. All you need to do is buy their product which is usually a program. The program will automatically make money for you.

How does it work?

Depending on the website, they claim that their program will automatically do all the work. Some will claim that the program is so high tech that it will automatically do thousands of complex work for you automatically. But most do not even explain how that program will work for you. They just claim that it will work.

The dangers of buying from them.

The danger here is that you will end up wasting your money. There is currently no method to make money while doing nothing, in the Internet or in the real world. Some websites might even claim to be an investment company, and that all you need to do is invest your money with them and they will make you free money by investing. From my experience, there is yet a single person that I have met or talk to that has made any amount of money with these methods.

Who would benefit buying from them

No one will benefit from buying those products. It will just waste your time and money. Many will try to disguise their activities by claiming to be a registered and legitimate company. They are not worth your time nor your money.

As for those that claim will help you invest your money, you will need to do some in depth research. They will claim many great things, such as earning a huge amount of money for their investors. They will claim a lot, but they will not show you any proof. It is best that you do not take the risk and invest with them. If that company really is a well known company, you should ask for some advice from your local investing firms and lawyers. I do repeat, there is currently no way to make money doing nothing. Investing is not one of them, it requires you to gamble amd take risks on a lot of your own money.


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