Make money completing survey online!

Before you start to make money completing survey online, there is one thing I will have to explain to you about those other survey websites. If you look at their websites, you will notice that they claim to offer hundreds of survey sites.

This is to entice you to buy their membership fee, by making you think that you can earn almost tens of thousand a month. But the truth is far from that. Yes, they do have hundreds of websites listed, but the truth is that not all of them are real survey sites.

Many of them are just marketing websites. That means that when you register with these websites, they will not send you surveys at all. Instead, they will send you spam, or e-mails that are all about promotions. Those survey websites do this because they are paid by those marketing company.

Please beware of this. Or the next time you open your email, thinking you are going to make money completing survey online, you will actually be just looking at some promotional e-mail. Currently, there are about fifty survey websites listed here. I will keep updating them, whenever I find any good survey sites.

I would also like to inform you of one thing. Many of the survey websites that I have listed here, has not been tested out by me, due to my location, I am not qualified to do many of them. So I have to depend on my friends overseas and positive feedback and reviews.

I would also like to inform everyone here, that a real and legitimate survey site is 100% free. If any of the websites shown here asks you to pay or buy anything, please don't. A legal survey website never asks you to pay for anything. Also if it keeps re-directing you, just leave it, and go for the next survey website listed here.

I apologise for any trouble that this might cause. I just wanted to inform you of this so that you never get tricked by any fake survey websites. It is not easy to find the real survey websites to do survey for money, but when you do find it, it is really worth all the effort!

Now, I would like to explain some of the guidelines and rules for these survey companies.

There is one very important rule that everyone here must know. Many people would like their entire to join these surveys, by creating different accounts with each family members name. They do this because it would seem that they can increase the income they get from these surveys. Do not do this!

This is very important so please do not do this. So far, all the survey sites that allow us to make money completing survey online, do not allow this! All these survey sites will only allow one person to register under a single address. That means that only one person in your family is allowed to use your home address, when they register with those survey sites.

If you and another family member still register with them using that one home address, those survey sites will stop sending you any survey, or worse, they will ban you. They do this to prevent fraud. So please remember this. This is the golden rule for them.

Now I will tell you about age restriction. Many of these survey sites require that the person who register with them be at least 18 years old. But there are some that have a minimum 16 years to even 12 years old registerer.

Another thing I would like to explain to you, is the payments you receive. Some survey sites uses a points system. Each time you complete a survey, you receive points which you can later exchange for cash or prizes. There are some surveys that will not offer you cash, but prizes. This depends on the company that hired those survey sites to run their surveys. My advice to you is to do all of them, even if they offer you prizes instead of cash.

Sometimes the prizes that you will get can be very rewarding and expensive! Remember, you are not paying for them, you are just giving them your opinion. So any free gifts that you can get is definitely a good thing. You are now ready to start to make money completing survey online! Please click on the next page to proceed.

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