The LPC Electronic email scam

The LPC electronic email scam tries to tarnish the good name of LPC electronic more than anything. You aren't going to be cheated out of your credit card information or anything else like that. Here is how this scam work.

You will receive an email from an apparently friendly and concerned anonymous sender. That sender will claim that the email is regarding a marketing promotion that LPC electronic is currently holding. It claims that if you were to send 20 such emails to other people, you will be given a free Sony Vaio laptop.

The email will also include a picture to prove that this offer is real. The picture will look like a poster promoting the marketing campaign that the sender spoke of. The email itself is quite short and to the point. And in the last section, the sender claims that he has just received his Sony Vaio laptop from them, and encourages you to act fast.

The LPC electronic email scam, is a scam, so you will not be getting any free gifts, let alone a Sony Vaio laptop. The main reason for such scams, is that the creator of that scam wants to tarnish the good name of certain companies, which in this case is LPC electronic.

Please never waste your time with such emails. There has never been such a marketing promotion, and I personally doubt that we will ever see one in the future as well. Best to just ignore this type of emails and delete them immediately.

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