Lottery scam mail

Lottery scam mail has been around since....well...since the beginning almost. Back when e-mail started to get popular, lottery scam mails suddenly reached a new height in terms of usage and victims. Even to this day, there are many victims that are being tricked.

Let's be honest, I know we all dream of getting a lucky break and hitting it large. But think about it. In real life, we need to spend our money to buy a lottery ticket. It isn't much, but with the number of people gambling on it, the amount will sky-rocket. What do you think about a winning a lottery that you never even paid for?

Even if it is free, we never even registered a number or our own information, so how is it that we can even win anything? It is absolutely impossible! We never even gave them our e-mail, so how is it that they can contact us? The users of the Internet is rising everyday. While frequent users are already aware of those scams. Many of the new users get tricked by this method.

"But they don't ask me to pay for anything?" I hear you say. Well some will ask you to pay for something to be eligible to win the prize, and some won't. In all fairness, it is those that don't ask you to pay, that you should be cautious of. They are not after small amounts of money from you. Their goal is much, much bigger than that.

What they are after is your personal information. They will try to obtain your bank account number, your credit card number, and all your other personal information. What many of those scammers are after, is your identity. Yes, the number of identity theft resulting from those lottery scam mail is very high. Since they don't use a website, but instead an e-mail address, it is very hard for the authorities to stop this activity.

Some are just after your credit card, but many are going to do more damage than just a large statement in your credit card bill. Please remember, e-mail lottery is illegal and against the law. Whenever you receive such an e-mail, please delete it with haste. Please inform all your friends and relatives who are new to the Internet to also be cautious of such activities. We need to do our part to reduce the victims of those lottery scam mail.

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