IRS Unreported Income scam

The IRS unreported income scam is another scam that uses the email as its means of getting its victims. Let's take a look at how this scam works.

First of all, you will receive an email claiming to be from the IRS. The email claims you did not pay the amount of taxes that you were supposed to pay. They will ask you to check your tax statements from their main website to ensure that everything is correct. The email itself is very short and only has around 6 sentences.

One thing that is worth taking notice. They will include an ID code that looks related to you. The reason for this is simple, they will take part of your email address and place it next to a series of numbers. But of course, that code is fake.

Their main goal here is to steal your credit card information. When you click on the link provided, it will bring you to a fake website that was created to look exactly like the real IRS website. Before you can view your tax statement, they will ask a few questions to confirm which account belongs to you.

At the end, they will ask you for your credit card information. Please never give them any information let alone your credit card information. The IRS unreported scam is just another scam that tries to take your attention away from you trying to investigate it. They try to make you nervous so that you will act immediately.

But this is a scam, so please ignore any such emails that you receive. Please help and inform your family members and friends so that they too will not fall victim to this scam.

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