The http and https Protocol

Many people do not understand the http and https protocols. In fact, most people might not even be aware that they are different. But in truth, this two protocols are quite different, and if you learn what they are, you could help yourself avoid being a victim for many of the internet thefts that are going around today.

First of all, http stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol or system of how a computer communicates with another computer across the Internet. This protocol ensures that we can both receive and send information.

The problem is that the http protocol is more concerned with sending and receiving information. This means that it is susceptible to people listening in during the transmission between the two computers. So while it is harmless when using it to view normal websites, it could be dangerous when you use it for making purchases or providing your private information.

Then we have https, which stand for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure. As the name implies, it is the secured version of the http protocol. While it sends and receives data, it also ensures that the information sent between your computer in the Internet is secure. This is the difference between the http and https protocols.

So how can this knowledge help us? Simple, the next time you are planning to make a purchase or you are going to provide some sensitive information, make sure to check that the address on the website starts with a https, instead of a http.

By using this method, you should be able to avoid most of the scammers tricks to steal your credit card information and your personal information. While it may look simple, the two difference could help save your from being a victim of Internet theft.

While a http does mean that your information can be easily stolen from someone else, a https doesn't mean that it is 100% secure. Unfortunately, there are a few scammers that have been able to use a few tricks to make it appear as if their website is using the https protocol.

The best bet, whether or not it uses https, is by the lock icon that appears on most of today's browsers. But this information is still very important and useful. Remember that you should never reveal your credit card information and your personal information to a website that has a http. Understanding the http and https protocols can really help ensure that we avoid most of the internet thefts out there in the Internet today.

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