The Google AdSense Email Scam

The Google AdSense email scam is another scam in the long line of email type scams. While the main aim of this scam is the same with most of the other email type scams out there, there is one big difference that sets it apart from the others.

Just like most email scams out there, the Google AdSense email scam is also after our personal information and our credit card information. But that is about the only similarity. Here is where everything changes. First we will receive an email from those scammers posing as another branch in Google AdSense.

They will claim that they weren't able to process our payment information for our Google AdSense. They will claim that it could be some false or outdated information in our billing sections. They will ask us to confirm and update our information so that they can process the payment as soon as possible.

They will also claim that failure to do so would result in our indefinite suspension from Google AdSense. They will ask us to click on a link below to confirm all our information. When we click on that link, we will be taken to a website that looks exactly like the one on Google AdSense's page.

We will be asked to log in to edit our statement. This part here is a total scam. It is designed to make us believe that we are actually logging in, when actually we will be send to the next page regardless of what information we place into the login section.

Once there, we will come across another page which again is exactly alike to the one we find at Google AdSense. But there is one difference. This page will ask for our credit card information. The real Google AdSense website does not ask for such information. But aside from that, almost everything looks like a legit Google website.

They will use an email address that is very similar to Google's and the format and visual aspects of the website is also exactly alike to the one at the real Google website. Because of this, many people have fallen victim to this scam. Even Google has informed users of Google AdSense of this scam at their main website, but many people are still unaware of it.

The main reason that makes the Google AdSense email scam different is the way the scammers find the victims. Other email type scams make use of a list of email addresses. The scammers will either exchange or buy a list of email from other scammers and send the exact same mail to all of them.

That method will not work with this scam because not everyone uses Google AdSense. But that actually makes it easier for those scammers to find their victim. The scammers actually go to websites, and if they find a website using Google AdSense, they will check the information for that website at WHOIS, which also displays the email address.

That way, those scammers are able to obtain a list of email addresses of people who actually use AdSense, thus making their victims much more targeted. And I am sure that you've also noticed that most websites out there today do use Google AdSense, which make it easy for those scammers to find more victims.

This information is very important to us all. Even if you do not have a website and you are not using Google AdSense, it is important to know of this scam so that you can inform your friends and relatives who are using it. Just in case we might all be using The Google AdSense service in the future, it is best that we are aware of the Google AdSense email scam.

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