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For your ease, I've prepared a list of free blog sites, free blog softwares and some very useful programs that you might need. There are many free blogging sites out there, but I've listed some of the more famous ones only to make the list much more easier to read.

You can of course find other blog sites on your own, but I do highly recommend the ones below as they are, the more famous and they have been in the blog business longer than many.

Free Blog Sites

These are free blogging sites that has their own software and server ready for you to use. You do not have to install any softwares as it is built-in into their website, and they will help host your blog for you. A very good place to start if you are new to blogging or if you are looking to cut cost and try blogging for free. Please remember that with these, the functions available to you are quite simple, so if you want to add new functions to enchance your blog, you will need to purchase each function from them.

But this is a good way as you can avoid paying for functions that you do not want. Although most of them will not offer you advance functions for free, the basic free functions are more than enough to create and maintain a successful blog.

Open a new window to the Blogger website

Live Journal
Open a new window to the Live Journal website

Open a new window to the MySpace website

MSN Spaces Live
Open a new window to the MSN Spaces Live website

Open a new window to the WordPress website

Open a new window to the Today website

Open a new window to the Aeonity website

Free Blog Softwares

These are websites that provide you with only the software required to create and maintain a blog. You will need to install their software into your own computer and form there you will be able to create and maintain your blog. These free blog softwares are quite powerful and gives you more function than the normal built-in blogging software.

While the built-in software will give you more options and functions, it is more complex and might take some time to get used to. These websites also only provide the software to you for free. You will need to find a hosting website to host your blog for you. Most of them do however, have the option of hosting your blog for a fee. This is recommended to seasoned bloggers and the technical savvy.

WordPress (Same company as the one mentioned above, but this is specially for software)
Open a new window to the WordPress website

B2 Evolution
Open a new window to the B3 Evolution website

Open a new window to the Blosxom website

Open a new window to the Drupal website

Sponsored Reviews Program for Blogs

Here is a list of advertising websites that run the sponsored review programs. These are programs that will help make your blogs some money easily. This is one of the most unique methods for making money that is available for bloggers. All you need is to write a positive review for certain products and you will be paid for each reviews you write.

There is a controversy to this method however, and many people are claiming that it is unethical. You can read more about it from the Blogging Main Menu, in the tips section.

Open a new window to the PayPerPost website

Sponsored Reviews
Open a new window to the Sponsored Reviews website

Open a new window to the Blogsvertise website

Open a new window to the Blogitive website

Review Me
Open a new window to the Review Me website

The websites displayed here are considered among the most famous and used free blogging sites, free blog softwares and sponsored reviews programs. You can of course look for other free blog sites if you are interested in looking for more options. But I do highly recommend those that appear on the list as they have a proven track record. This track record of those free blog sites will help ensure that yout blog will stay active and generate income for you for a long time.

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