The Fake Facebook login Scam

The fake Facebook login scam? There are so many social networking sites today, with Facebook being one of the most popular. But now, even the scammers are targeting it, and thanks to that, we now have this new scam.

This is how this scam works. First of all, the recipient will receive an email. The email will direct users to the Facebook website. When the user tries to log into their Facebook account, it would appear there seems to be some problem with the website at the moment. Looks innocent enough? Well it isn't, and this is how the scam is done.

First of all, let's look at the email you might receive. At the time of writing, most of the emails have been short one or two liners, just asking the recipient to visit the website below. But do expect the scammers to change the format of their email regularly.

So when you click on the link, you are brought to the Facebook website, and you try to login. And here is where the fake Facebook login scam really takes place. What looks like the original Facebook website is actually a fake website, designed by the scammers to look exactly like the original Facebook website.

Many people do not notice that the url or address for that website is different to Facebook's original url. Well, that is mainly because the website look's exactly alike, so many people do not suspect that they are being scammed. When you enter your login info into those fake websites, it will actually send all the info you just entered directly to the scammers.

So why would they want your login information? Simple, so that they can use your account for their illegal activities. Since most of us would enter our personal information as well as private details into our Facebook's account, those scammers now have full access to it. They will then use your account to send spam and other scams to both your contacts as well as other innocent people.

In other words, they are using your account to do all their dirty work, so that when the authorities investigate, all the clues point to you instead of them. This is how the fake Facebook login scam works. At this time, this scam has only been reported using Facebook as their target, but we can be sure that they will soon be targeting others as well.

Please inform as many of your friends that use Facebook as you can. You can help make sure that none of them fall victim to the fake Facebook login scam, and that this scam is stopped for good.

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