Envelope stuffing for cash

Envelope stuffing for cash. Does it really work? It sounds almost too good to be true. But is it true? Well...you've guessed it. It is a scam. They may use many different types of name to call it or describe their process, but basically, it involves stuffing an envelope and sending it out.

One of the things about the process of envelope stuffing for cash, is that it has evolved into many different types of methods. But no matter how it evolves and changes its methods, the basic around it is still the same. You just need to pay a small amount, and they will add you into their database, and you're ready.

After that, they will send you letters, sometimes e-mails and all you have to do is print them out, or write them out and place them into envelopes and send it to people. Usually, they will also send you a list of names and addresses. And for each envelope that you stuff and send, they will pay you a fee.

Sounds easy enough...and almost harmless. Well I did say almost. But that is far from the truth. Usually, two things happen here. One of the situation here is that they will send you some information and teach you how you can create your own envelope stuffing for cash business. That's right, you run independent from them. Sounds even better? Well it actually got a whole lot worse. I will explain later after I've shown you the second situation.

The second situation is that they do send you e-mails and a list of people's addresses. And they claim that since you are new, you will be given a probationary period. You need to do the work for a few months without pay, until they can confirm that you are serious about their business. And they also claim that if you pass the period, you will be given a special 50% extra bonus.

So, how could a small simple process like this harm you? It can hurt you big time! First of all, I would like to mention that envelope stuffing for cash is illegal. Getting involved in it can easily lead to lawsuits. It is considered as an act of invading ones privacy and spamming. There have been numerous cases where the victim didn't know that it was illegal, but was still taken to court. Please do not make the same mistake.

For the first situation that I mentioned above, they are just out to earn your money. After taking your money, they show you how to do the business alone, which means that if you get in trouble, they had nothing to do with it. For the second situation, they will keep mentioning that your payment is being processed even after the two or three months probation period. In other words, you keep working, they will not pay you a single cent.

But look at it this way. Even if they were to pay you, would it be worth the risk or getting involved in a lawsuit? If the court found out that you made money out of it, the punishment and fine will be much worse. Please, never ever get involved with envelope stuffing for cash. It is illegal and it will put you in trouble.

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