The Email Inbox Limit Scam

The email inbox limit scam is another type of email scam. While almost all of the email scams in the past were focused on either stealing our credit card information or inflicting our computer with a virus, there is a new type of scam recently.

And that scam's main goal is to steal our email password. Compared with the other scams, this scam is still quite new, and not many people are aware of it. In the past, the main excuse they would use is claiming that there was a problem with our email, and that if we do not provide them with our email password, they would not be able to solve the problem and we would not be able to use it anymore.

Now they are using anew excuse. This is how the email inbox limit scam works. First they will send you an email. The scammers will claim to be the webmaster for that email service provider. They will claim that your email limit has almost been reached.

We all know that each email account has a limited storage space and that we are able to store a limited amount of emails in our inbox. They will claim that our inbox is close to the limit, and that if we do not act soon, we will stop receiving any emails anymore because of the storage limit.

They will ask you to provide them with your email password so that they can increase your storage limit. They will also claim that if you do not reply soon enough, your inbox might be too full to receive any more instructions from them and recommend that you act fast.

But of course this email is not from any webmaster, but from a scammer. If you do reply and give them your password, the scammers will have full access to your email. In most people's mind, they might be wondering what those scammers would need our email for.

The answer is simple, to use it to do their dirty work. They will usually use it in two ways. One is they will try to trick the people in your contact list. They will pose as you and send emails to your friends, asking for financial help. Of course, most of your friends will believe that it is you, and they might end up sending money to those scammers.

But in most cases, those scammers will use your email address to send more scams. They will send to both your contacts list, and other people. Why? If ever people were to trace those scams, it will lead to you. So those scammers are trying to cover their tracks and use you as their scapegoat.

And if you do keep important information, such as credit card information in your inbox, you can expect those scammers to steal it as well. This is how the email inbox limit scam works. It will be important to remember that those scammers might also be after our email password, so that we can detect them and avoid them easier.

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