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I've shown you earlier how people earn free money online with Google's Adsense. The thing is, your option is not limited to only Google's Adsense. There are other great alternatives that can be used besides Adsense, and even together with it. There are many different companies out there that are trying to compete with Google's Adsense.

The problem is that many of them are not as reliable and there have been cases where the companies have been known to shave your earnings. When companies claim that you earn much less than what you actually had, that is called shaving. There have also been many cases where the companies delay their payment for few months. These types of companies will only make you feel like you've earn free money online by showing how much you've earned. But when it comes time for them to pay you, their customer service suddenly seems very slow and on holiday!

So far, there are two companies that have shown themselves to be very reliable. Kontera and AdBrite. In fact, many websites today are already using these two together with Adsense. So far, the results have been very good for many people. These are so far the only companies that are able to challange Adsense. So what does it mean to you? By having more and reliable ways of adding text ads in your website, you will efectively be able to increase your income. By the way, AdBrite allows you to add ads into pictures and even videos. A very powerful option to have depending on your website.


Again the requirements are the same as for Google Adsense. You need a website to be able to place those ads inside your website. You will also need lots of visitors to your site to be able to earn a nice income. Sometimes, the amount earned is not much, but considering it's free and easy use, you really do earn free money online. Many of the people that I know of, roughly earn anywhere from $400 to $800 from these ads alone every month.

If you would like to learn how you can create a website to start an online business and take advantage of this opportunity, you can do so here.


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