Dangers of online predators who steal your personnal information!

The dangers of online predators or con artists are a real life constant threat these days. These predators are among the most dangerous there is and they come in many different ways. One of the most famous is through chat channels and forums. They try to be good friends with you to gain your trust, and then they strike.

For some of us, it might seem obvious if someone online tries to be nice to us and then ask us for help that involves money. But their methods and patience are not as simple as you might think. They are not going to just say hi and then ask for your help. They are much more clever than many people might think. And that is what makes the dangers of online predators or con mans very real.

They are also very patient. The thing that makes it hard to distinguish between them is that they will act very friendly and will not even mentioned anything about money. I will show you an example of this situation which happened to someone I met at a forum. He shared his experience with us, and I will share it with you to show you the real dangers of online predators and how clever they can be.

I will refer to the victim as A and the predator as Z to make it easier for you. A met Z at a chat channel and they exchanged messenger contact numbers. They chatted for a while. In fact, Z was very friendly with him and never mentioned anything about money for six months. Yes six months! That is how patient they can be.

Z and A were talking mostly about their favorite subjects and sometimes about their own family. Then for three weeks, A was not able to communicate with Z. When Z finally came online later, he explained why he could not be contacted. His story was a very good one! Z claimed that his sister has been held by loan sharks because her boyfriend could not pay them back, and that they were going to force her into prostitution if they failed to pay them back.

Z claimed that his sister had became the boyfriend's guarantor, and now her boyfriend has left without a word. So their family is having to sell off all their belongings, to help save her. Z also said that they couldn't contact the police in fear of his sister's safety since those loan sharks were famous for being very violent. Z never mentioned anything about asking A to help. And he never asked from A for two weeks.

After the two weeks, Z contacted A and said that they were now only $100 short of settling that debt but the dateline of the payment was in one week time. Z claimed that his family had borrowed from everyone they knew, but were still just a little bit short. Z only now then asked for A's help. He asked if A could help him. Z even sent a fake picture of a young girl that was tortured badly and claimed that it was his sister.

A felt bad after looking at the picture and decided to help. Z told A that it could take up to one month before he could pay A back due to the poor financial situation they are in. A agreed and sent a wire transfer to Z. But after A had confirmed to Z that he had sent the money, Z was never heard of even until this day. The reason why A knew that it was a scam was because he later met Z again, after they both had changed aliases in a chat forum. Z had changed his name but his game was the same and A knew. Z was also very happy and confident in himself that he admitted to scamming A and that A could do nothing about it.

The story above clearly shows some of the real dangers of online predators. The con artist Z was so patient and he took the time to build a relationship with his victim so that he would gain his trust. The con artist was also smart here that he only asked for $100. If he had asked for more, A might not have given him the money. But the real dangers of online predators is that they can use psychology against their victims.

For some people, they might think that $100 is quite little. But it is the sheer number of victims that make it dangerous. This is one of the dangers of online predators that make them so successful. They only try to take an amount that they feel the person would be willing to give. It is the amount of people that has been tricked that makes this a very worrying problem.

For this case the predator found out about A's weakness during their six months long friendship. Z must have known that if he sent A, a picture of a young girl that was hurt and being tormented, A would be much more inclined to help. This is just one of the good stories that those con artist can come up with to trick you. Most of these con artist have many aliases that they use in forums and chat channels to confuse victims.

It is almost impossible to tell which are real genuine people and which are con artist. It is difficult to confirm which poses the dangers of online predators. The best advice I can give you is to never agree in sending money or your personal details to anyone in the Internet. Even if that person has a been of a great and understanding friend to you. That is the only way for you to make sure that you never fall victim to them.

There are many different variation to their methods, but the basic is the same as this. They try to be good friend to you and then ask for your help that involves money. Please give this example to your friends and families or ask them to read this article here for themselves. By understanding it, you will have a better chance of not falling victim, as well as avoiding the many dangers of online predators.

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