The common misconception about the ClickBank Scam

I have been hearing many people recently talking about the ClickBank scam. At first I was interested in learning what they were talking about, but after I saw all of the complaints, I notice that there was one huge misconception.

Most of the people were complaining about the ClickBank scam, saying that they were selling them products that were all scams. For this, many people blamed ClickBank and called it a scam. I would like to explain one thing though, for everyone, ClickBank is not a scam. To be honest, I am afraid that not many people really understand what ClickBank really does.

You can think of ClickBank as a center that collects people who sells their products to people. Yes, they act as the middlemen. What they do is, allow people to post their website on ClickBank to sell. ClickBank has some very good security features that makes it really safe for you to do any transactions online. So far, I have never heard of any problems regarding payments made or payments received from ClickBank.

Yeah. it sounds all good, so what is this talk about ClickBank scam? Simple, ClickBank controls the environement in which payments are being made. But they have very little control over the types of websites or products that are sold there. They do have some quality control in that department, but in all fairness, it is rather week due to the large number of useless products and scams that are there.

To counter those that are plain scam, ClickBank makes use of a refund method. That means that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can send it back and have a refund. But that is where the problem lies. Most of those poor quality products and scams, will use various methods to make sure that you will get past the 30 day refund period.

One good example that I saw was a very clever method. The website sent an e-mail to the buyer and told him that due to the high demand in their products, all the stock of their products are sold out. So it would take up to two to three weeks before the new stock arrives, and it will take another week for delivery to get it to your door. As a sign of an apology, they will also send you free products that they had been planning to unveil in the next few months which woul be very expensive. you think that due to your "good luck", you will be getting even more products for free. And when you think about their product being sold out, you feel that it must truly be a great product, which gets you excited. After two weeks, they send you another e-mail telling you that their new stock will arrive in five days time and they will reach you in one to two weeks time. Guess what? By the time it reaches you, it is already past the 30 day refund period. You get the product and notice that you have been cheated.

This is just one of those cases of ClickBank scam that has spreading. There are a few other methods as well. But one thing that really did surprise me, was how people reacted to those scams. Most people just went to forums and expressed their anger. What they didn't do which they should, was make a complaint to ClickBank. Once ClickBank receives a few complaint, they will check the website out, and ban it from ClickBank if found guilty.

Well in all honesty, those banned websites will create a new website and join ClickBank again, since it is quite easy to join. It might seem like a useless activity in complaining, but there are some benefits. Once there has been a large number of complaints, ClickBank will be forced to change their quality control to make it harder for those scammers to join, since they would not want their image to be tarnished.

So now you can see why there are many cases of scams that has been going on in ClickBank. But as I have shown you, it is not ClickBank that created those "ClickBank scam", but rather they poor quality control that allowed others to come in and be scammers. So please, if you or anyone you know has ever been scammed by the websites found in ClickBank, please report it to ClikBank immediately. That is the only way we can make them realize what is going on. Posting in forums will not help you at all.


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