Check Processing Job Scam

The check processing job scam is one scam that you want nothing to do with. This is not only illegal, but very dangerous to you as well. Let's take a look at how it works.

Those scammers will place ads for the check processing job scam on websites, newspapers and also send it to you by email. The ads will usually be in the nature of a job. It will usually mention something about high pay, easy to do, very low working hours and no qualifications needed. To learn more, you will need to email them.

They will then send you an email that is also the same as the email they will randomly send to other people as well. They will claim to be from a legit company. Examples in the past have been charity organizations, government officials, business people and even religious groups.

The first two to three sections of the email will be about them explaining about their company and try to convince you that they are a legit company or service. They might evens give you a registered company number. But do be careful, as sometimes they will disguise themselves using other real companies and their company number.

After the section of trying to convince you, they will explain what the job is. They will send you checks that they will require you to clear. Once it is cleared, you can keep a certain percentage of the money and then send the rest to them through wire or other money transfer methods. The percentage that you keep will be considered your salary. No doubt that this will sound fishy to you, but be prepared as they will use many different excuses to explain why they can't process the money and try to make the check processing job scam sound legit.

Many people will be inclined to think that this is similar to the bounce check scam. Where the check will bounce after a while and you are left to pay for the money that you actually sent to them. But this scam is different. They will actually claim that you need only send them the money once the bank really clears the check which can take up to one week.

This scam will actually pay you the money. You will actually earn what they claim to pay you from the beginning. So where is the scam? It is in the money itself. This is a scam used by money laundering syndicates to "wash" their dirty money. The money can be stolen or from illegal activities.

If they were to take the money out directly, the authorities will be able to trace them. That is why they are trying to hire you. The authorities will trace the dirty money, and if you helped them, it will lead to you since you were the last person to clear that check. And since you used a wire transfer, the authorities will not be able to easily find the real criminals anymore.

Indirectly, you are aiding a criminal group which can easily be punished by the authorities. Even if you are not aware of it, it doesn't mean that they will let you off just like that. In most cases you will be taken in for questioning and in certain cases, to court. And in the end, the money that you earned from it will be confiscated by the authorities, so you might want to be very careful and avoid this scam.

So far, the check processing job scam usually targets people from the US. While there have been a few reports of victims in Canada, Australia and certain parts of Europe, their main target is still citizens in US. Please be very careful with this scam, as the outcome is always bad for the victim.

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