The Bell Canada email scam

The Bell Canada email scam uses the name of Bell Canada, which is a large telecommunications company in Canada, to do its dirty work. Let's take a look at how this Bell Canada email scam works.

First of all, they will send you an email claiming to be from Bell Canada. In the email, they will claim that there has been a problem with your recent payment. For certain reasons (usually is due to changes is personal information), they claim that they could not process your payment.

They will then ask you to click on a link which will bring you to their website where you can confirm you address and other information which is needed to help process your previous payments. When you click on the link, you are taken to a website that looks exactly like that of Bell Canada.

Here is where the scam starts. Once you "login" (a fake login that even a wrong password would allow you to enter), you will be brought to a webpage that will ask you to confirm all your personal information. They will also ask you for your credit card number as a form of confirmation.

I am sure that you can clearly see that this Bell Canada email scam is another scam to steal your credit card number. SO if you ever come across this, never give them your credit card number. But there is more to this scam than just stealing your credit card.

When you enter your login information, you are actually sending all that information to the scammers. That means that they will be able to access your real Bell Canada account, and steal any other information that they might find valuable to help them in their dirty work.

Obviously, if you are not from Canada, this scam will not work on you and you will notice that something is wrong straight away. So if you do have any friends or family members who are residing in Canada, it could prove to be very helpful if you shared this information with them.

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