Affiliate marketing scams!

Affiliate marketing scams is a very real, and I am afraid to say, normal thing that happens in the Internet today. They use big promises to entice you. And then they can easily create fake pictures of cheques and accounts to try and show you the potential that you could earn from them.

In most cases, they are only after your money. Yes, once you paid them, you either get a lousy product or you don't get anything at all. Do not waste your time trying to look for the perfect e-book to teach you how to make it rich. There isn't one. There are too many affiliate marketing scams out there. However, not all of them are that bad. Some of the real good ones do teach you some useful methods that they used.

But the problem is, a method that worked for their market and product, doesn't necessarily mean that it will work for you. Most of the information you will learn on your own through experience. But the real hidden danger of affiliate marketing scams are the websites that you partner with. In other words the websites that you become an affiliate with.

Most good and legit affiliate websites have all their proper business documents in order for you to read. They also have their support information clearly visible for anyone to use. They will usually have a telephone or tool free number for you to call, an e-mail address mainly for support, and even an address for you to write to. Almost all of the big and legit affiliate companies have these.

If you do see any affiliate marketing websites that do not show any of those information, I do suggest that you be very careful. Although it doesn't mean that they are scams if they don't have it, it is wise to remember that the real ones almost always do have them. Also, try to send an inquiry to their support service through e-mail. The real ones that are always serious about business always respond within five days.

So what are the dangers of being an affiliate to one of those affiliate marketing scams websites? Although there are a few reasons like not being paid, or shaving of earnings, by far the worst is the one that involves a lawsuit. What? how can being an affiliate bring a lawsuit?

Trust me it can. Imagine this, you joined an affiliated program that sells vitamins. You sell it hard on your website, and many people bought it. Then suddenly, many people got sick because of it. The police and government agencies comes in and finds out that it is not a legal health company. Either that website runs away or they are taken to court and prison.

So you were just an affiliate that sold products that you had no idea was fake and dangerous. The police let you off, but the victims won't. They bought the product because you recommended it to them. And now that they are sick, they will sue you, because you were the one who gave them guarantees and promises. In cases like this, I have to tell you that the affiliate usually is found guilty for negligence of selling a product that he or she had never checked for authenticity.

Hmm...not a good situation to be in right? And it doesn't only apply to medicines. It could be an exercise e-book, a do-it-yourself manual, and almost any other types of products. So please, if you want to be an affiliate, please check to make sure that you are partnering with a legal company. Do not fall for those affiliate marketing scams that try to get your attention with high potential earnings only.

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