Affiliate business home income?

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What are Affiliates?

Websites that offer or promise to create you an affiliate business home income. I am sure we have all stumbled across websites such as this. And I'm sure you were just as enticed by what they offered, as I was when I first started out. After buying more than ten products regarding affiliates, I now know what do offer you and what they actually do.

Affiliate is er.....well...... a nicer way to describe a salesmen. Seriously, an affiliate is considerd as the salesmen of the online world. The only difference is that an affiliate is able to choose which product they would want to sell. So it is entirely up to them whether or not they want to sell you a product that is of good value, or a product that is a down right scam.

They create links in their website that sell those products. Each time a customer clicks on that link and buy the product they are recommending, they will earn a commission. Many of the "not value for money" products offer their affiliates a very high commission rate. Up to 80% of the price paid by the customers!

I am sure you can see why there are many websites that will sell you products that are "not value for money" and even scams. The commission rate for these products are so high that many webmasters get tempted by the offer and do not care if the product that they sell is of no value to their customers. So much for great affiliate business hone income recommendations from them.

How they plan to create an affiliate business home income for you

They will show you methods that they have used, which led to their success. They will show you methods for selling products, and ways to capture your visitors attention. These methods will always include tips on how to use salescopy, e-zines, promotions, testimonials and so on. They show you methods that will work even if you are selling "not value for money" products.

The dangers of buying from them.

Please do remember that not all of them will actually show you the real secret methods that they used to be successful. Most of them will only show you the simple and basic methods. Why? They don't want you turning into their competition.

Instead of buying from them, you could register with the many affiliate products out there, and they will show you those basic information for free.

The most misleading part about these offers and claims is that they make you believe that you can start right away with only their product. That I am afraid, is far from the truth. Even if you bought their products, you will have to spend quite a sum of money to make it successful. And that is considering IF they actually show you some real good methods to create an affiliate business.

Remember, to sell products online, you will need to have a website. And if you don't know how to create one, you will need to spend thousands, sometimes tens of thousands to hire someone to create a website. And many of them only tell you the importance of using a salescopy, but not how to create one. There goes another few thousands in creating your own affiliate business. Before you can even earn anything, you will need to spend tens of thousands. Doesn't sound like such a great offer now does it?

Who would benefit buying from them

The only people who would really benefit, are people who knows how to create their own website, and have a lot of time and money to spare. By being able to create your own website, you will be able to save a lot of cost.

But creating a website and getting it recognized by the Search Engines such as Google and Yahoo, is a long process. It can take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. Yes, it is a very difficult and long process to build a business online. But it is the same in the real world. Do not get tricked into believing that you can build an affiliate business home income in just 1 month.


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